Thursday, March 31, 2011


How are you guys doing?

If you haven't noticed, LS came to a standstill. We're out of post ideas. But, at least Qui and I have our own blogs.
Qui is

If you can think of any post ideas, let us know!!!!



  1. xD
    We had fun while it lasted.
    And we still have our christmas layout up....O-o

  2. Maybe you could post about other peoples costumes in Starwars. I got 4 brothers and a pile of fabric and I could use some ideas on what to do with the cloth. I just found your blogs and I think their great. I'm 11, and home-schooled, and nothing bugs me more than when I read about how, apparently, home-schoolers are "social idiots" The most interesting people I know are home-schooled.

  3. LOL! ;) Y'all need to brainstorm. :P And get a new design. XD

  4. XD Christmas backdrop! I actually love it. ;P

    -Leia <3


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