Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Padmé

This feels weird; usually it's Qui writing the updates. LOL! But, seeing as how I haven't posted in quite a while, this is due.

I just realized that it is insanely late. It's not fair; it would't even be my sibs bedtime where Qui lives, and here it's past my bedtime.

So--on to my life.

We've really started blocking in drama. We have more than have of our play done now, and the rest will be blocked next week. I'm getting really excited about this play. One of my characters has to be under a table, and so I am lying down underneath a table next to Short Guy. (Sorry I couldn't think of a better one for you). He sits. This is the most epically awesome part of blocking I have ever done.

I have started wearing makeup! My mom and I went to a makeup party last night (Monday) and we got me some foundation. This morning I put that and some of my old lipgloss on. Right before we walked out the door for drama, my mom gave me her pink blush. To complete my makeup wearingness, I'll need some eyeshadow. Qui.......I need to talk to you about that.

I have no homework this week. I SHOULD be getting ahead on my SW books, but I'm not. I have some stuff to get done, and I HAVE to do it tomorrow. The rest of my week will be busy. I'm going to (hopefully) be hanging out with my best friend on Friday, and on Thursday...............well, you'll see.

I'm hoping to be going to the BarlowGirl concert in November. I'm trying to see if any of my friends are going, and then see if I can tag along. I have to buy my own ticket, so any donations are accepted.......JK!

I uploaded new music to my mp3. I now have Mandisa's first album. Along with Julie Meyer.

I am being random.

I have new ideas for Her Universe shirts. I want a shirt like this, but with the different planets. (I'll have to upload it later)

Okay, okay, I'll get to the big news now. I know that if I *forget* to mention it, Qui will kill me. :3
On Thursday, I'm going to be in a movie.

As an extra, but it's still a movie. Basically, I'm going to be in a church scene. I'll be at the area from 12:45-6 on Thursday. The lady is trying to get my mom to come with me, and my mom is asking her if she can also bring my three sibs and their school work. ;)

The movie is called The Preacher's Daughter, and I'm praying that my scene doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. Oh, and I'm also praying that you can actually see my face. If that happens, and you go see the movie, I'll tell you where I am. You'll finally know what I look like! :P

So...............if you have any questions, email me at amidala.jinn@gmail.com or leave me a comment!

Thank you kindly, and MTFBWY!


Jedi Dreams

Hiya, Its Qui!
So, last night I had the WEIRDEST dream. It was Halloween, and for Halloween I was a Jedi. Now, I thought I actually was a Jedi. So I was trying to do all the neat Jedi moves and stuff like that, and I was knocking stuff over and people were getting annoyed. So I tried to use the Jedi mind trick on them and they just stared at me like I was an idiot. I'm starting to wonder if that was reality or a dream. o-o Cause I would seriously do that. xDD


Friday, September 24, 2010

We're on Facebook!

Its Qui!!! And We are on FACEBOOK!!!!!!! :DDD

So heres the links, check us out, like us if you have a facebook!!


That last one is our profile! The first is the fanpage. :)


~Qui-Gon Jinn~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Acting Post! :O

Hi guys! Qui here, and ITS BEEN FOREVER! Ok maybe not forever, I just don't post as much as Padme does.
Anyway, today, I went to a ceremony for boyscouts and they did this thing where they read from scripts. It was their way of telling us what they did over the summer to earn merit badges and stuff like that. They did it in a scripted way to avoid them rambling and people getting to bored with it. So techincally it was made to make the whole thing less..."painful" but for me as an actor it was VERY painful. Oh my gosh.
I guess I can't really sympathize with people who don't speak or act well, just cause I've never been that person. But, it was KILLING ME. The whole time I was thinking things like, "Cheat out! I can't hear you you're mumbling! Read it with more feeling? There should have been a beat there. That was too long a pause." etc. etc.
So, good for them for actually getting up there and doing that, but still. Maybe I'm just kind of snobbish about that.

Any updates on my acting stuff? None. I've had NONE. It really upsets me, and I feel sorta empty inside. ;-; I'm swamped with dance and school and then my brothers do alot of other extracurricular activities. I'm pretty pathetic. I search the web for monologues and I preform them in front of my mirror as if I'm doing it for an audition or drama class or something. *sigh* I can barely watch movies or tv without getting jealous of the actors. So yes, I'm pathetic.

Lets talk about something happier? Dance! :D I love dance! Both of my dances are beautiful, and as are the songs. For contemperary we are doing Winter Song by Sara Barellies and Ingrid Michaelson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67xr_KKPTHE) and then for ballet we are doing "Veni, Veni, Emmanuel" which is O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in latin. It's totally accapella and very pretty.

Well, thats about it for me today.




Clone Wars Gambit: Siege-Karen Miller
On the Outer Rim, the planet Lanteeb has no strategic value, no political power, and one enormous problem: It has been invaded by an emboldened Separatist Alliance. To find out why, Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi have snuck onto Lanteeb--and now look oblivion in the eye........
Hiding their lightsabers beneath their dusty disguises, Anakin and Obi-Wan draw on their Jedi skills to stay one step ahead of Lok Durd's droid army on Lanteeb. The Jedi know that a captive scientist has given Durd the keys to a terrifying bioweapon. Durd knows that the Jedi are on his planet. With Yoda calling on the powers of the Jedi Council, with a new Separatist technology jamming the Guardians' communications, and with a traitor at the heart of the Republic's government, the wheels of war are turning. But the Separatists have blockaded Lanteeb. The finishing touches are being put on a weapon to destroy whole worlds. And it will be up to the two Jedi Knights and their most trusted comrades to liberate Lanteeb or forever suffer the consequences.

First Impressions:
I was really excited to start this book. I had enjoyed the previous one (Stealth), which ends in a cliffhanger, by the way. Besides, Karen Miller is one of my favorite Star Wars authors (though I do wish that she would put less swearing in).

Amazing interaction between Obi and Ani
Compelling story
Characters that aren't in the movies; you don't know their fates
Padmé has a role
One of Obi's old loves was present. Anakin witnessed some evidence, and he was shocked, hurt, and angry at Obi.....for good reason, too.

Negative:The swearing. Yes, I do realize this is a war book, but still. The only good thing I can say is that it's words from the Star Wars Universe; they're not real words
The amount of vomiting. Neimodians have issues.
It was painful for me to see Ani so hurt

Overall Opinion:
An amazing Star Wars book.

For violence in warfare and SW language

Recommend it?
For all SW enthusiasts, sure. For all Clone Wars lovers, yes. For all those who are in love with Anakin, are you kidding me?! YES!!!!!!!!!!! Same goes for those Obi lovers. ;)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clone Wars Review

Absolutely amazing. See it. Even for those of you who don't like watching Clone Wars, this was a good episode. Dee Bradley Baker, voice of all the clones, was stunning. The first epiosde basically just had clones in it; he practically did all the voices. Great inspiration for actors.

On another note, a hilarious You Tube video. I laugh hysterically every time I think about it.



Friday, September 17, 2010

Clone Wars Season Three

The day has ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! I am SO excited! I know some people don't like Clone Wars **cough** Qui-Gon **cough**, but I think it's an awesome way to tell more of the epic story. I know that tonight's going to be filled with clones, with special apperances by Anakin!!!!!!!! And.....other Jedi.....but most importantly, Anakin!
That's all I really have to say.
What do you want me to post about next?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Talk like Yoda, You must.

Hi guys, Qui-Gon here!
I'm having a serious problem!!!! I am having problems talking like yoda. >.<
In my story with Kade, there's a conversation between Mace and Yoda. That's really the only time Yoda shows up, but I cannot get it DOWN! I dunno what's so hard about talking like him!!!
Any suggestions!
Thankyou my faithful readers and MTFBWY!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Disillusionment with the Jedi Order--Part One

I've slowly been turning into Anakin. Very slowly.
I do see problems in the Jedi Order, though. Big ones. Glaring ones. They need to be corrected. Nothing is perfect, so I'm not sure why I'm expecting the Order to  be. But I am.

  • No attachment. Humans were made to be attached to others. We have a huge capability to love, and the Jedi are preventing that. Anakin loved and was loved from his birth. He, unlike all the other Jedi, knew his mother. And not just for a little, no, he knew his mother for nine years. Therefore, it was easy for him to fall in love with Padmé, his angel. Humans also need friends. They can't be alone all the time. With no attachment, a person would feel alone, and lost. Sure, you have the Force for comfort, but you can't see it. You don't have the comfort of a friend standing by you. Sure, there's problems with attachment. You can get a broken heart, you can be betrayed, and you can become a cold person, caring for no one and nothing. I firmly believe that a person needs to be able to love and be loved in return. It is harder to fall to the dark side when you're focused on others. When you're focused on yourself, you'll be a selfish person, making it easy to fall.

Also, the Parade Gown won the poll for the most favorite TPM gown.


Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala Love Story Conspiracy

Hello all faithful readers!

Yes, I am finally getting to this post! I am determined to put it on the blog before I go and watch Attack of the Clones. Woah, had to check there to make sure I didn't say, Attack of the Chores. It's Saturday, you know. ;)

The Conspiracy itself........some people say that Obi-Wan and Padmé were in love with each other, and Obi-Wan was just pretending to be unattached to anyone or anything other than the Jedi Order. Perhaps Padmé didn't really love Anakin, and she only married him to get closer to Obi-Wan.

Some say that Obi-Wan kept his love a secret, not telling anyone; even Padmé was kept in the dark about his eternal love.

Even at the end, he kept his love a secret, knowing that she loved Anakin with all her heart.

But then we can't forget about Satine.....or Siri........
Who are they? They're Obi-Wan's first loves. Siri Tachi was a Padawan in training, just like Obi-Wan. They fell in love, but then they decided to break off their love for each other, hiding it, because it was forbidden to Jedi. Satine was the Duchess of Mandalore. She and Obi had met while they were both younger. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had been on a mission, and Obi-Wan told Satine later that, "If you had said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order."

And, of course, Padmé was desperately in love with Anakin Skywalker. Of course they were married.

If they were not in love, why would she have married him?

Of course, it's up to you to decide what you think for yourself. I have my view, and that may not necessarily be the same for all.

~Padmé Amidala SKYWALKER

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Then the Emperor has already won"

No, not really. But if you think about it, if we give in to temptation, it's like giving satan a foothold, and he's like Palpatine in SW. We need to remain strong in our beliefs, and not let anyone sway you. Being worried about something is defintely a good way to give him a foothold. I speak from personal experience.
Oh, and Han is definely cuter than Luke. I just thought I'd throw that out there. I'm watching Return of the Jedi while I talk. I had wanted to watch Attack of the Clones, but I'm babysitting, so we're watching this one. Anakin still wins though, hands down.
Speaking of Return of the Jedi, I actually started crying while watching the movie. When Yoda dies, I always before got sad, but this time, the tears fell. I had to get an e-hug from my best friend to make me feel kind of better. I wish it had been a real one. :(
Okay, Luke looks kind of cute in that scene.
I was outside all day today. Luke and I went to a spray park with our families. It was hot, but then it was cold in the water. It started raining, and I wasn't sure at first if it was rain or it was just spray. We took a really CUTE picture, and I would show you, but then you'd know who my best friend and I are, and that wouldn't be good.
I promise to get up my post on Obi and Padme tomorrow. I would do it tonight, but I need the other compter, and then I'd miss Return of the Jedi. We're chasing speeder bikes at the moment.
It's only seven more days until Clone Wars Season 3 begins! My siblings and I are eagerly counting down the days.
Do y'all want to know more about me?
I am the oldest of four kids, and I've been homeschooled my entire life. I live in one of the best states of the US, and it's really hot!
My family loves going to Disney World. We've been 6 times in the past 10 years.
My sisters and I love wearing skirts and dresses. We will wear pants, but my sister Nut (her special name) and I especially love skirts. Our sister, Aayla, is more of a tomboyish person.
My favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. Well, that's all I shall reveal about myself now.
I desperately want Christmas to come so that I can get more Her Universe stuff. I'm going to create a poll, so please, vote!!!!! Thanks! :D

Till next time,
~padme amidala skywalker

New and even BETTER update!!!!

Hi guys, It's Qui again!!!!
Just have some REALLY good news to share! Padme's dad is cancer free! :D
The news came today!
Thank you all for praying, And I'm sure you'll get a thankyou from Padme too later. :)



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Qui-Gon Update!

Hiya guys! It's Qui-Gon!
Just a quick update!!!

#1: I'm writing a short story starring Kade and the Jedi council, just giving you some background.

#2: I'm also working on the "If Qui-Gon Lived." This will probably end up being pretty long, and might take me a while, since it would change so much.

#3: Uhhhh...What was the next one......OH YEA! Upcoming monologue: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Thats it! MTFBWY


Fun Music Quiz

I'm like obsessed with these things. LOL! Here's just a small sampling of what I have on my mp3.......

Put your iPod or mp3 on shuffle. Answer the questions by putting the song  name and the artist's name.

Are you male or female? 'You Are Everything' by Matthew West
What do people feel when they are around you? 'Open Heavens' by BarlowGirl
Describe your current relationship. 'You Are Good' by Point of Grace
Where would you like to be right now? 'A New Hope and End Credits' ~Revenge of the Sith
How do you feel about love? 'New Song We Sing' by Meredith Andrews
What's your life like? 'Lando's Palace' ~The Empire Strikes Back
What would you wish for if you only had one wish? 'Come Alive' by BarlowGirl
Say something wise. 'Someday Soon' by Francesca Battistelli
If someone says,"Is this okay?" You say...'The Droid Invasion (The Apperance of Darth Maul)' ~The Phantom Menace
How would you describe yourself? 'The Pit of Carkoon/Sail Barge Assualt' ~Return of the Jedi
How do you feel about today? 'Watto's Deal/Kids at Play' ~The Phantom Menace
What's your life's purpose? 'Luke's Nocturnal Visitor' ~The Empire Strikes Back
What is your motto? 'The Arrival at Tatooine/The Flag Parade' ~The Phantom Menace
What do your friends think of you? 'Luke and Leia' ~Return of the Jedi
What do you think of your parents? 'Just Wanna Be With You' ~High School Musical 3
What do you think of very often? 'Stay With Me' by BarlowGirl
What is 2+2? 'Miracle of the Moment' by Steven Curtis Chapman
What do you think of your best friend? 'True Love' by Rebecca St. James
What is your life story? 'Before the Throne of Grace' by Point of Grace
What do you want to be when you grow up? 'You're the One' by somebody.....
What will you dance to at your wedding? 'Give Us Clean Hands' by Kutless
What will they play at your funeral? 'The Meadow Picnic' ~Attack of the Clones (Now, that's just not fair.)
What is your hobby/interest? 'Lift Up Your Head' by Meredith Andrews
What is your biggest fear? 'The Battle of Yavin' ~A New Hope
What is your biggest secret? 'Sing Me a Love Song' by BarlowGirl
What do you think of your friends? 'Anakin's Dark Deeds' ~Revenge of the Sith

I'll be attempting to put up the post about Obi and Padmé today, but that may not happen since I won't be home this afternoon.

~Padmé Amidala Skywalker

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update on my dad and new chapter of Suffering and Silence

Hello, Actors/Jedi! You all fit one of the two categories. Of course, you could be another Star Wars category, such as a bounty hunter or Imperial, but I prefer the Jedi. Then again, the Jedi Order had many issues. I'm digressing. Back to the subject at hand.

My dad is doing quite well. He was able to go back to work today. We should have news on Friday or Monday. Please continue to pray for no cancer to be found. Thanks!

Here is the second chapter of Suffering and Silence. I promise that I will get a post up on the Obi/Padmé love conspiracy soon. Also, if you have any more ideas for later posts, let me know. You can either comment or send us an email at amidala.jinn@gmail.com


Bail Organa

Senator Bail Organa made the jump to lightspeed faster than he normally did. But then, he smiled to himself, he never was in such a hurry as he was today. He glanced back nervously to where a box stood in the main room of his ship. Never had his ship carried precious cargo other than important beings of the planet of Alderaan. But this was the most important cargo it would ever carry. Alderaan's princess was on board. Bail put the ship on autopilot, then walked out to the main room and knelt beside the box. He gently put his finger on the baby's pulse, putting his mind to rest. Leia's chest rose and fell with each tiny breath. He couldn't believe it. He had become a father in a few hours. Bail studied her. She looked like Padmé, her mother.
The alarm beeped in the cockpit, signifying they were coming out of hyperspace. Leia stirred, then fell quiet again. He hurried to his seat, then contacted the palace, informing the queen that he was coming. Under his skilled hands, the ship made a smooth transition from hyperspace to regular space. Bail checked his scanners carefully. This would be the time to attack now. But nothing happened. Bail hoped that they had moved fast, and the Emperor had no idea of the twins' birth.

The ship landed on the beautiful planet of Alderaan. The waterfalls sounded in the distance and the birds sang a bright, happy song. Bail frowned at them, wishing they were singing a sad song. This was supposed to be secret delivery to the queen and with the birds setting the scene wrong... But what was he thinking? He wasn't superstitious.

He hurried to the main room and picked up the baby nervously. “Don't you dare start crying now.” He told her sternly.

The Queen of Alderaan was sitting on the balcony of her private rooms, looking at the sunrise. She was deep in thought about the transmission she had received concerning the baby of people who were very important to the Republic. Bail hadn't told her any details, saying that he would explain all when he got home. His footstep echoed in the room behind her. She turned, noting in surprise that he was cradling something in his room. “My dear, I bring a daughter to you,” Bail said, as he handed her a baby. She gave a soft cry as she looked into the face of a dear baby. She had a little bit of brown hair crowning her head, a sweet little face, tiny eyelids shut in tender sleep, and a little red rosebud of a mouth. “She's darling, but,” she looked up into his face. “Why is she here with us? Whose child is she?”
“She's our daughter now.” Bail sat down beside her. “Her name's Leia.”
“Bail, you haven't answered my questions.”
“I answered one of them.”
“Well then, answer the other one. While you're doing that, you can tell me who her parents are.”
“Her mother is Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo and her father is Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.”
Queen Breha started. “I thought Jedi weren't allowed to have attachments.”
“They aren't, but Skywalker was never a proper Jedi. He and Senator Amidala got married right after the Clone Wars broke out.”
“You said was. What does that mean?”
“The Republic is no more. Chancellor Palpatine has declared an Empire, making himself Emperor. From what I understand, he is a Sith Lord.”
Breha gasped. “Democracy is no more than?”
Bail shook his head sadly. “Leia is our daughter now because Anakin Skywalker has died. He's a slave to Palpatine now. Senator Amidala has gone into hiding. Leia was placed under our care. We have a duty to take good care of her.”
Breha hugged Leia close to her. “We'll treat our like our own daughter. Welcome to Alderaan, daughter.”
“As I thought you would say, my wife.” Bail got up to leave. He smiled. “What a beautiful picture I'm looking at. A mother and daughter.”

Later that day, Queen Breha sat in her sitting room surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting. They were all adoring the baby princess, who was now dressed in a lavender dress.
“She's such a darling baby,” one lady remarked.
“The beauty of her people,” said another.
The queen smiled.
“Your Highness,” the queen's favorite handmaiden said. “Princess Leia will need an escort. Someone to grow up with. May I suggest my daughter, Winter? She's two years old now.”
Breha smiled. “That would be lovely.”
Leia opened her eyes. Everyone crowded around for a look at the awakened child. Breha called for Winter and Leia to be introduced. Young Winter was brought in, and she was placed next to Leia. Winter patted the baby's face, then smiled.

That evening, Bail Organa stood by a window, looking over the land of Alderaan. He was deep in thought. Already rumors of Palpatine's new order were coming in. They were not good news. Breha came to his side. “What it it, Bail?” she asked in a soft tone. “What troubles you?”
He smiled at her. “How do you know I am troubled?”
“From the way you stand and your facial expressions. You're not a Jedi, being able to hide your emotions.”
“I'm worried about the future of our galaxy and how that will effect our planet's role.”
“That's not all. You're also worried about Leia.”
He nodded. “Of course I'm worried. Not only do we have to protect her as our own daughter, we have a duty to her mother, who was and is a dear friend of mine.”
“She was important to the Senate, wasn't she?”
“And to the Republic.”
“I would have liked to meet her,” she sighed. “But that's impossible now.”
“It's too dangerous.”
“Leia's happy here.”
“Of course she's happy here. This is the only home she's ever known!”
“It's more than that...”
Bail smiled at his wife. “You mean, you're happy having her here. You've always wanted a daughter.”
Breha's cheeks grew rosy. “I've always dreamed of having a daughter to dress up and teach how to be a lady. I've had those dreams since I was a little girl. Now my dream's come true,” her face grew sad. “But wonder at what cost.”

They found out what the cost was soon enough. Palpatine had completely abolished all democracy in the galaxy. Everything was under his control.

Bail Organa and Queen Breha were sitting in Bail's office one cloudy morning; he was looking over papers and she was playing with baby Leia, who was laying in her arms. Breha looked up as Bail sighed. “What is it?”
“It says here in this letter from the Empire, 'You have been requested to be a Senator in the Imperial Senate. It is an honor to be asked to help with the leadership of the Grand Empire.' Some request! I'm sure the Senators were chosen very carefully. I have a suspicion that if you refuse, well, it won't be good for you or your planet.”
“There's no other way, is there?”
“No, I'm afraid not.”
“At least Alderaan will be represented in the Senate. You're such a good Senator, Bail.”
He looked at her fondly, then turned back to his work. Leia gurgled sleepily. Breha raised her to her face and kissed the baby's forehead.
A thought struck the queen. “Bail, won't the Jedi be able to help out the people?”
“I'm afraid not.” The tone of his voice was so forcefully angry. “The Jedi were slaughtered. The clones were under Palpatine's control the entire time. They were waiting for the signal to strike down their Jedi Generals.”
“What about the ones not fighting at the time?”
“Skywalker took care of that after he turned. He marched on the Temple, destroying the Jedi...the history of the Jedi...and the children.”
Breha's face changed in horror. She hugged Leia tight and kissed the top of her head. “If anyone deserved to die, it was him! The poor children. Some of them not older than a year old!”
“That is why Leia needs to be safe with us. To anyone who does not know what went on, meaning the people of Alderaan and all strangers, Leia was just born to us. We will caution those who know the truth to keep silent.” He reached over and stroked the sleeping baby's cheek.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kade Nabberie: The half trained padawan.

Hiya guys! Qui-Gon here!
So, I would like to introduce you to a special friend of mine. Kade Nabberie! Kade is currently a character of mine that I am role-playing with in a star wars RP.
Here's a little bit about her.

Kade Nabberie, Padme's younger sister, 19 years old, and hasn't even finished her Jedi training.
Her master was killed by Palpatine himself around a year ago. No one wants to train her, and she could never figure out why. So they dumped her back on Naboo where she "kept the peace."
When she accepted a mission in Mygeeto, she runs into serious trouble. Blaze, the only force sensitive clone around (and he also has as many feelings as normal humans, you could hardly tell he was a clone), leads her through Mygeeto to the mission, but they later find out its just a fake mission and its only purpose is to get the two killed. Someone wants them dead, and they have to find out why.

And that is the extent of our role play so far, and I must say it's pretty epic.

ANYWAY! I'm going to do the thing that Padme did, and ask you guys what you want me to write about!

~What would happen if Qui-Gon lived?

~Dance class

~More of the untitled book?

~Stories featuring Kade?

~More Advice with Qui-Gon Jinn (for that one, i need QUESTIONS!)

Take your pick! Please comment, the majority vote will be the one I do first!



PS: Please pray for Padme's dad!!!!!! AND If you would like to be sent an e-mail update everytime there is a new post, incase you don't have a blogger account, then e-mail me at amidala.jinn@gmail.com

First Drama Class of Fall 2010

Drama class started exactly one week ago.  We have our same teacher back, whose name shall not be revealed. If any of you four DG (if you don't know what that means I'm going to have to reeducate you :P) can think of a suitable nickname for him, let me know! I will say that it's awesome having him, because he is so busy working down at the theater company we take lessons from that he only has time to teach one day a week; so the Intermediate and Teen Advanced classes get him. :D
It was AWESOME to get to see my friends again!..............Ratty was the only one from last year that I really cared about seeing again. We both missed Badger(Qui-Gon) and Alice the Washerwoman a lot! I know we both love you two a lot!
In class, we played the Prop Game. I really don't like that game. It's where you take a simple object (we used a TV remote) and you have to pretend it's something else. I pretended it was a snap bracelet and a drawer pull. Y'all can be proud of me in the fact that I did not pretend it was a lightsaber. :P
We were given monologues and we had five minutes to work on them. The three girls had one, the three guys had a different one. After time was up, our teacher decided to do something new, and he decided to have us perform one-on-one. The rest of us went into the hall, leaving Ratty alone.
Standing in the hall, waiting for our turn, was so nerve-wracking. We were just waiting to perform, but I don't think any of us has ever performed for our teacher with only him watching. We have been the only one performing, but we had the rest of the class watching us, too. I did start joking around (perhaps to make me feel normal again?) that perhaps this was an audtion for a part in one of the upcoming shows at the theater.
When it was my turn, I went in performed my monologue, trying to stick to my backstory. Unfortunately, he didn't see it come out in my performance. BUT! I wasn't the only one. We all had to work on getting it to show. I know this because even though no one else said so; this is how our teacher works. He pushes harder and harder.

by Harold Pinter

Here, Bridget wanders quietly through her parents' house on the night her father dies.

Once someone said to me-I think it was my mother or my father-anyway, they said to me-We've been invited to a party. You've been invited too. But you'll have to come by yourself, alone. You won't have to dress up. You just have to wait until the moon is down. (Pause) They told me where the party was. It was in a house at the end of a lane. But they told me the party wouldn't begin until the moon had gone down. (Pause) I got dressed in something old and I waited for the house. The moon was bright and quite still. (Pause) When I got to the house it was bathed in moonlight. The house, the glade, the lane, were all bathed in moonlight. But the inside of the house was dark and all the windows were dark. There was no sound. (Pause) I stood there in the moonlight and waited for the moon to go down.

My backstory is that Bridget didn't get along well with her parents, particullary with her father. I'm picturing her sitting in her parents' home, finally revealing things to her best friend, things she'd never told anyone.
To help me, I'm pretending I'm Bridget, and that my real best friend is sitting next to me.
We also had to look up and see who Sanford Meisner is. I'll post about him later. If you're really curious, you can go ahead and look him up.

On another note, my dad is having a shoulder biopsy today to check and see if he has cancer in his bone. We would all appreciate prayers that there is nothing in there to worry about.
Perhaps that's why, when I went to my room to go and get the monologue, I found all three of my siblings sleeping in my room. My sister was in her bed, my brother was on the floor in his sleeping bag, and my baby sister was sleeping in my bed. I have no more sheets tucked into my bed. :3 Oh well.

Till next time!
~Padmé Amidala Skywalker

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Phantom Menace

I'm going to start a three part series on Padmé's clothes in Star Wars. Who knows? I might branch out to include Leia's as well, based on readers' interest.
We'll begin where we should all begin....at the beginning. The Phantom Menace.


The Throne Room Gown~"I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war."

The Phantom Menace: As a young monarch, Amidala often finds others underestimating her abilities. As a sign of her commitment to her people and her capacity to rule Naboo, she wears extremely formal, regal robes. The size of her gowns make her appear larger and the make-up hides her youth. While sitting in state, Amidala wears a magnificent crimson dress, a color which is a traditional symbol of royal authority. The gown is accented with gold embroidery and shed potolli fur cuffs, and seven sein jewels illuminated by plasma gas circle the hem. The escoffiate headpiece provides gold faceframes to border Amidala's face, and the famous Jewel of Zenda rests on her forehead to complete her traditional Naboo look. In this striking gown, Amidala is an image of majesty, strength, and honesty.
Design: For all of the Queen's gowns, Iain McCaig designed costumes with the ability to disguise Natalie Portman. "Because we were going to have one actress playing a duel role in the film, we had to design costumes for her as the Queen that would serve to hide her identity." The complexity and size of the dress, however, lead to a difficult, involved construction. McCaig suggested to George Lucas that they design a dress with 'lanterns' in it, and while Lucas responded skeptically, he allowed the dress to be attempted. Consequently, for eight weeks and for a cost of $60,000 the costuming department strived to make this dress work. Construction began with an undergarment shaped like an ice-cream cone that was fitted perfectly to Natalie Portman. Several layers of canvas were needed to not only maintain the bell shape, but to support the weight of the wires and lights connected to the batteries necessary to light-up the dress. And while the costume was originally going to be velvet, lighting issues mandated a change to silk. The headdress was a complex construction as well. Intricate gold work covered the headdress while vintage red lace was used as an overlay on the blade-shaped side panels. Similar to the Eastern influence of many of the other TPM gowns, Trisha Biggar felt this ensemble had a "a sort of Chinese Imperial feel."
My Thoughts: This is my personal favorite Queen Amidala gown. I love the deep red color, and the headdress is also very queenly and regal.

Escape From Naboo~"I will plead our case before the Senate."

The Phantom Menace: When the Trade Federation invades Naboo, Queen Amidala disguises herself as the handmaiden Padmé and her brave decoy Sabé plays the role of queen. To be convincing in her role, Sabé imitates the queen's speech and bearing, as well as donning Amidala's complex wardrobe and make-up. On Naboo, clothing is a form of subtle expression, and each of the Queen's symbolic gowns conveys a message about the state of Naboo and its people. Therefore, for her capture and subsequent escape, Sabé wears a somber travel robe of intricate lace accented with the symbol of Naboo royalty. It is a rainment of protest, showing Naboo's opposition to the invasion. The immense feather headress, complete with filigree and gemstone ear coverings, helps to make the petite handmaiden seem more imposing and formidable.
Design: When designing the queen's gowns, Iain McCaig got very frustrated and scribbled all over one drawing. Looking at it, he found the scribbles made an interesting pattern, and the Escape from Naboo gown was born. And while this dress is incredibly impressive, it was also incredibly time-consuming. It was constructed from a "spider-web" fabric that took one person working ten hours a day, five days a week over a month to make. The lace pattern was first hand-embroidered onto a thin piece of special fabric that was then submerged. The fabric dissolved in water, leaving only the extraordinary stitching. Each panel of the gown was then sewn onto another panel leaving no seams. The back panel was decorated with vintage jet black beading as well. All this amazing dedication and attention to detail is apparent when one sees this gorgeous dress, and any of Amidala's other gowns, come alive on screen.
My Thoughts: This dress is a bit over the top in its headdress. :) But I do love the jewel chain across the Queen's forehead.

Flame Gown~"We are brave, Your Highness."

The Phantom Menace: When her life is threatened, Amidala becomes Padmé, the handmaiden. With the ability to remove the Queen's identifying make-up and extravagant gowns, Padmé can easily and discretly complete her transformation from Queen to vigilant bodyguard and blend in with the other handmaidens. The five handmaidens don robes of soft trevella cloth colored with vibrant spectra-fade dye. The oversleeves of the gown are done in classic Naboo style and the hood masks the identities of the handmaidens, so Padmé can travel incognito. With the Queen in a sobre black dress, the handmaidens in their flame gowns provide a startling and beautiful contrast.
Design: While the Queen wore amazinginly complex costumes, the handmaidens' costumes were kept relatively simple. As Trisha Biggar explains: "We tried to keep the handmaidens in vertical costumes, with the Queen wearing all kinds of big diagonals and drapery to make her seem bigger than life -- and her handmaidens small and petite." What the Queen was wearing was always kept in mind while designing the handmaiden's gowns, so they would accentuate, not dominate, the Queen.
The Flame Gown was one of the more time-intensive handmaiden costumes. The gowns were originally constructed from while silk and vicose velvet, and each had to be fitted multiple times to the actresses. They were worked on till they were nearly complete, and then taken apart completely. The costumes were then dyed in small pieces, so when the handmaidens stood together, the color levels aligned; this also regulated the amount of dye used throughout the costumes. The gowns were dyed using a technique called ombré dyeing, meaning they were dyed from dark to light, from deep orange to pale yellow. The sleeves, hoods, and sashes were made from a bias-cut red silk crepe. The sleeves were trimmed with antique guipure lace designs dyed to match.
My Thoughts: This is my favorite handmaiden gown. My future bridesmaids (or handmaidens) will be wearing dresses inspired by these. Without the hoods. ;)

Tatooine Peasant

The Phantom Menace: When Qui-Gon Jinn goes to Mos Espa, he is accompanied by Queen Amidala, disguised as Padmé, who wants to keep an eye on the notoriously unorthodox Jedi. To remain inconspicuous, Padmé wears a typcial Tatooine peasant outfit of rough-spun cloth with leg and arm bindings to keep out the sand. To complete her disguise, she wears her hair in plain braids and as her only ornament, she wears a red glass jewel of no value on her belt.
Design: In contrast to the rich and vibrant fabrics used for Amidala's royal gowns, Padmé's peasant disguise was made from more basic, earthy materials, such as the hemp-and-linen-mix fabric used for the tunic.
My Thoughts: I love her hair like this. So beautiful, yet simple at the same time. It brings out Padmé's true beauty.

The Pre-Senate Gown~"We must do something quickly to stop the Federation."

The Phantom Menace: After a period disguised as a handmaiden, Queen Amidala resumes her normal status and dress to meet with Senator Palpatine. She wears an elegant gown set off by an intricate Shiraya headress of Veda pearl beading and glass filaments designed especially for her.
Design: The beautiful pearls and blown-glass beads of the headress was originally from the skirt of a 1920's exotic dancer. For the gown itself, Biggar used the design of a typical Japanese kimono, though she significantly accentuated the sleeves. Due to their roundness and resemblance to the artic animal, she began calling them "penguin sleeves." For the complex stiching on these sleeves, both hand embroidery and machine embroidery were utilized.
My Thoughts: My sister and I call this the "Broom Dress". I love the colors, the style, and the beads on the headdress.

The Senate Gown~"I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die."

The Phantom Menace: The appeal to the Senate is the last orthodox action Amidala can take to save her people. Consequently, she appears in all her glory to address the august body of delegates and plead for their help. Her magnificent gown is designed to showcase the majesty of Naboo, as well as to help Amidala remain courageous when faced with the most trying and most important speech of her career. Her gown is a thick red velvet with embossed rosettes on the body of the dress and golden, triple-braided soutache on the cuffs of the sleeves and on the collar. The imposing headdress binds her hair into a severe form with golden hairbands, while finial hairtip ornaments balance the headpiece. Intricate suspenas of orichalc finework parallel the ornaments and border Amidala's face. Directly on top of the Queen's head rests the Royal Sovereign of Naboo medal, a constant reminder of who she is and the power she wields. When she addresses the Senate, Amidala chooses to wear a large black cloak over the gown.
Design: "She lives on a beautiful, lush planet; so we looked at flowers for inspiration. But because she is a queen, we wanted costumes that would also be imposing. We researched Mongolain and Tibetan costumes, styles that aggrandize the person- and I found the more outrageous it got, the better." No other gown demonstrates Iain McCaig's principle behind the Queen's gowns better than this one.
The gown was incredibly expensive and time-consuming, made up of three complex layers. The underdress was made from a seventy year-old vintage orange-shot-gold silk taffeta with a green weave. It was constructed with layers of sharply sunray-pleated panels. The pleats were designed to catch the light whenever Amidala moved, an effect enhanced by antique beaded lace pieces. The most beautiful and most visible layer, the middle red robe, was made of red and green shot silk velvet with bronze metallic embroidery and ruched yoke and hem panels. A special technique added depth and texture to the robe. The lining of the robe was orange silk taffeta overlaid with gold metallic organza. At the cuffs and collar, this lining is visible and it was further decorated with seed pearls and gold braid made from a stitching process known as trapunto. Small tubes were stitched into a design, and then thread was injected into the tubes to create a padded effect. A time-consuming project, it took one person a week to do the trapunto. The final layer, the outer robe, was faux fur with shoulders padded into a pyramid shape and lined with red silk.
Though magnificent on its own, the gown would be incomplete without the unbelievable headdress. Its base was a close-fitting metallic gold cap; using an electo-forming technique, it was constructed from copper and then plated in real gold. Petite colored jewels and filigree details completed the incredibly heavy, expensive, uncomfortable - and yet stunning - headdress.
My Thoughts: It's big. :) This is also the perfect gown for this scene. It shows off Naboo's power, and it is very easy for Padmé to hide her true self, which was scared to death at the moment.

The Post-Senate Gown~"My fate will be no different than that of our people."

The Phantom Menace: After her discouraging meeting with the Senate, Queen Amidala wears a dark gown symbolizing not only the gravity of her current situation on Coruscant, but also her seperation from Naboo and the perils facing her planet. The gown is made of Cyrene silk, and the beaded motifs are antiques, taken from the an earlier queen's gown from 240 years prior. For grandeur, the gown sweeps past Amidala's feet and has large oversleeves in the Naboo fashion. Her hairstyle is less formal than that of other gowns, however, consisting of merely a foreknot and two suspensas draping her face. Amidala also wears this dress a second time, when meeting the new Supreme Chancellor.
Design: Originally in TPM, the Queen was only supposed to have three dresses, until George Lucas increased the number so that Amidala would be seen in a new gown in nearly every scene. For some of the shorter scenes, however, one of her previous dresses was utilized again. This costume is one of them. Made of black fringed silk and cut chenille with panne velvet rouleau and lined in gray shot-silk taffeta, this gown was seen in both the Post-Senate scene and Palpatine's arrival on Naboo. And as in the Star Wars universe, the beadwork on this gown is antique, dating back to the 1910s. However, Trisha Biggar was unsure exactly what the beadwork was from, whether is be a dress or something else. "We think it was a dress, but it was in so many pieces we weren't sure what it was." Regardless of where they got the beads from, Biggar's team was able to transform them into beautiful embroidered designs.
My Thoughts: This dress is beautiful in itself. My only question is, "Why didn't they finish putting the makeup on?"

Return to Naboo~"I will take back what's ours."

The Phantom Menace: While traveling back to Naboo, Amidala wears this purple mutlilayered gown, complete with full cerlin sleeves. The golden tiara she wears is an antique adorned with the royal emblem, and her veil is made of mauve chersilk with Drapa bindings. Amidala also wears this subdued gown for Qui-Gon Jinn's funeral.
Design: This beautiful gown consists of two layers. The first is a purple paneled velvet overdress, with a discharge-printed allover Naboo pattern. The second layer is a pleated silk undress, which was worn over layered, stiffened petticoats. The sleeves of the gown also consist of two layers. The inner sleeves are finger-length and corded, while the outer sleeves are petal-shaped and made from shot-silk chiffon satin. Chiffon was also utilized for the veils.
My Thoughts: I really like purple, and the purple on the headdress is just beautiful.

Battle Dress~"Now, Viceroy, we'll discuss a new treaty."

The Phantom Menace: The handmaidens' battle ensemble possesses not only the elegence and beauty of all the Queen's gowns, but also the functionality required for battle. The outfit is made of a heavy woven cloth with special energy-absorbing fibers that act as protection against blaster fire. The high collar hides a blast-absorbing pad, and the calf-length coat protects the legs while permitting easy motion. The leather boots provide high-traction and the hair is pulled back securely to prevent distractions. The Naboo royal emblem decorates the belt.
My Thoughts: I love seeing a girl in a dress or skirt whenever I can. I think it's wonderful that the handmaidens are dressed in a skirt for battle.

The Parade Gown

The Phantom Menace: For the celebration following the defeat of the Trade Federation, Queen Amidala is able to wear a less formal gown than her normal robes of office. The simple white dress is symbolic of the peace that has been found and it is adorned only by Naboo royal emblems down the front. The silk petals of the cape are made to resemble large flowers grown near Amidala's home village. These special flowers blossom only once in 88 years, so their appearance marks a special occasion. The impressive fan behind the dress is an acknowledegment of the past, as the ancient royal fashion represents continuity among the Naboo. For simplicity, Amidala wears minimal jewelry, as only the Royal Diadem hangs on her forehead.
Design: For the film's finale, George Lucas wanted a dress that would represent the celebration occuring around the Queen. According to Trisha Biggar, "It had to be very light and beautfiul with the feeling of a wedding dress. George also liked a drawing Iain McCaig had done that showed a very large, unusual collar at the back of the dress." Iain McCaig would say of this dress, "For that purpose, I designed a parasol-like collar that almost makes her look like an angel." The Parade Gown was sewn and dyed completely by hand, including all the approximately 250 petals of the cape, though the dress was only used for two days of filming. The delicate headdress was a vintage latticework with multi-faceted jewels suspended on silver chains.
My Thoughts: This is another one of my favorite gowns. I LOVE it! The silver filigree work for the forehead decoration is what I want for my wedding to hold my veil on. If you would like to see a picture, let me know and I'll get it on here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dream

The Dream-Gilbert Morris

Lanie Freeman had to grow up fast. Her mother died when she was just fourteen and now her father is in prison. The oldest of five children, seventeen-year-old Lanie has transformed into a surrogate mother....and a beautiful young woman. Not only must she keep her family together, but lately she has drawn the attention of Roger Langley, son of the richest man in town.
Tensions run deep between the Freemans and the Langleys. And on top of it all, Louise Langley accuses Lanie of trying to snatch away her handsome fiancé, Dr. Owen Merrit. Dr. Merrit has long helped out the Freeman children, but Lanie isn't sure he even notices that she's no longer a child.
Then Fairhope is thrown into chaos when the new preacher arrives-wearing blue jeans and riding a motorcycle. In only a month, dashing Brother Colin Ryan shakes the entire town to the core of their beliefs.
With the town embattled over the preacher, her family struggling to survive, and her own heart in turmoil, Lanie seeks solace in her writing. She pours out her heart to God, trusting His promises. But when things fall apart at every turn, will Lanie continue to trust?
The Dream continues the inspiring saga of one woman's struggle to hold together her family and follow her dreams in the midst of America's darkest hour.

First Impressions:
I was really excited to begin it, as I had enjoyed the first book very much.

I identify with Lanie very easily
It's a historical romance novel. What's not to like?
It comes from a Christian worldview
There are many hilarious characters, such as Lanie's younger brother Cody

The love triangles are a bit much. We could get to the weddings a little faster. At least I think they're triangles. They could be a more complex shape. Who knows?

Overall Opinion:
I really liked it. A lot.

For possible suspensful moments for younger readers, and the romance idea itself. Nothing very horrible.....just kisses, hugs, and looks. LOL. I'm thinking about Anakin right now. Sorry, y'all just have to live with me. :)

Recommend It?
Yes, I do.

~Padmé Amidala Skywalker

Untitled Novel Summary and Chapter 2

Hey guys! Its Qui-Gon!!!!
So! I"ve come up with a more broad summary of the novel. Not /that/ much better, but a little.
We have two main characters, and the story alternates perspectives. The two characters are Margie Russo (you already saw her chapter) and Narcissa Elle. Margie is a Star Wars fan and Narcissa a Star Trek fan. When they cross paths at school and become friends, neither tells the other about their obsession. But when they finally find out, Margie is horrified that she made friends with a Star Trek fan. Narcissa however, is neutral to star wars, and doesn't seem to see the big deal about it. Margie sees it as going against "the unwritten part of the Jedi code."
....And then we'll see what happens after that.
**Note: I changed the way Margie looks, so in this second chapter it describes her differently than in the first.

The Star Trek theme blasted in my ear and I was torn from my dreams of my future handsome klingon husband.
Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I sat up and groaned. School in a new town, a hick town at that. And just to make it worse, it’s a Louisiana hick town.
I brushed my blonde hair out of my eyes and stared at the clock.
“Holy crap!” I yelled.
It was 7 o’clock, and school started in 45 minutes. Not nearly enough time for me to get ready, get to school, find my locker and my classes.
I leapt out of bed and threw on the clothing I’d laid out the night before. After yanking the brush through the entangled mess that was my hair, I quickly put on makeup, grabbed my favorite hat (a fedora), and my school bag and was out the door.
As soon as I was in my truck, I burnt my butt on the hot as hell leather seat. I jammed the key into the ignition and the engine roared to life.
I often thought that my truck was the only thing that truly belonged in this town. It was huge, ate diesel in a way that would get me shot by any passing hippie, and it was red. I loved it.
McKinlee High had a student population of 428. Its rooster mascot was proudly displayed on every surface you could possibly put a giant ridiculous looking rooster.
Once inside the building, I immediately began to hate it.
The halls were infested with “normal” people. When I say normal, I’m talking about fake blondes, pin straight hair, clothes from stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. They were all super tan too. To me, this was the worst, since I’m as white as a vampire.
I’m not even being stereotypical and I’m not over exaggerating. Every student in that hallway looked all the same.
At any moment, I expected the devil to walk up and say, “Welcome to hell, have a terrible day.”
As I walked down the hall towards the office, everyone stared at me as if I was from another planet. I guess I look like I was to them. For starters, I’m 5’ 11”. Yes, I do have problems getting a boyfriend because of that. Second, my hair is white blonde (naturally) and so long it comes down to my lower back. Also, it’s curly, and in this world of straight haired teenagers, that is weird. So, you can imagine a girl like me would defiantly draw attention.
Once I got my schedule, I found my way to homeroom (an easy feat, believe me.) After sitting through the amazingly boring homeroom, I got up and left class without another word.  
The rest of my day went without event. In class, I seemed to be the only one who paid any attention, and everyone else who was called on was giving idiotic and completely wrong answers. Each time one of them opened their mouths to speak I rolled my eyes and prepared for something stupid.
No one bothered to talk to me, and I ate lunch outside on the dead grass under a half dead tree. I suppose I was being unsocial, but I didn’t really want to socialize with anyone here. 
This went on for about 2 weeks, and by the end I was pulling my hair out, and ready to move on.
One day I was walking out of home room complaining to myself about chemistry when I heard a voice cut in beside me, “Tell me about it.”
 I jumped out of my skin and looked to the voice. I actually had to look down. Standing next to me, was perhaps the smallest highschooler I’d ever seen. I would be amazed if she was taller than 5 feet!
She looked up at me and said, “See you’re new this year….You don’t look like the other girls here. When’s your lunch period? Mine’s 5th hour. We should sit together.”
I stared at her, probably bug eyed. She looked strange, which is a good thing in my book, and I had no one to talk to anyway, so I said, “Uhh, yea same here…”
She nodded, “Cool. I’ll see you there. I normally sit on the corner table by the west window.”
And with that she walked away, cool as a cucumber.
“What the heck…that was so weird….” I said to myself as I hurried off in the other direction towards chemistry.
The rest of the morning leading up to lunch was uneventful and I only saw the strange girl once in the halls, moving slowly and watching everything around her. It was as if she didn’t want to miss any details of the hallway or the people in it.
When lunch finally rolled around I was kind of nervous. Why did she want to sit with me?
After I grabbed my food (a very greasy slice of pizza), I looked for the table she said she sat at. I found it and strolled over to where the girl was sitting eating a salad absent mindedly.
When I sat down across from her, I noted that no one else was at the table.
She eyed me and was silent for a couple awkward moments. “Normally the first person to sit down should be the one to introduce them.” She said out of the blue.
She caught me off guard and I stumbled around with my words, “Uhm….Oh sorry…I’m Narcissa…Narcissa Elle.” I stuck out my hand to shake hers.
“Narcissa, Narcissa. Means ‘self-love.’ Are you in love with yourself?” She asked with a straight face.
“What-I-uh…No..Not particularly…uhhh…” I replied, flustered.
She was silent and took a couple more bites of salad. Then she stuck out her hand to shake my still outstretched one.
“I’m Margie Russo.”
All I could manage was a limp handshake before going back to my pizza.
“So, Narcissa. What are your views on the people that go to this school?” She continued.
This seemed an odd question, but I decided to answer her. She was, after all, the only person to talk to me today.
“Well…I think they are all incredibly shallow, they do not value knowledge, and they are all going to grow up to be stupid, orange tanned, nobodies or bad reality show TV hosts.”
“Interesting…” Margie chewed on her plastic fork and her eyes got a faraway look, as if she was deep in thought.
I took this time to study her more. She really was very short, and her face had pixie like features; a small pointed nose, high cheek bones. She had super short boy hair that, if styled, could probably look very chic. Her rectangular glasses seemed a little too large for her face and they kept sliding down her nose.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she sprouted wings and flew away to fairy land. Then all of a sudden, her face broke into a huge grin.
“I’ve never thought about that last one, but now that I do think about it, you are so right!”
I raised an eye brow at her and then I smiled slightly too, “So you agree with me…Nice to know there’s someone at least slightly intelligent here.”
Margie, who was all smiles now, then began flooding me with questions: Where am I from? Did I just move to Crowley? How do I like it? What kinds of grades do I get?
“Well…I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I just moved here about a month ago. And…well I hate it personally. It’s tiny and hot. And although there is grass, it’s all dead.” I didn’t answer the grades part, and I hoped she let it go.
Thankfully, she did.
“Wow…Chicago.” Her eyes widened, “Big transition much?”
I nodded and wiped my now greasy fingers off on a napkin. “Yup. It was hard…I had to leave a lot of my friends.” And my work. But, that I didn’t mention either.
“Hm. Well, I’ll be honest with you, I’m excited that you’re here. See, in case you haven’t noticed, I have no friends of my own. So, I’m kind of a loner. But I don’t like making friends with idiots, so I guess that’s why.” She said casually.
The smile on my face got wider, but I didn’t say anything.
She took a sip of her water and didn’t speak for a minute, “Hey, do you want to come over and work on English home work and then hang out? My family owns a pizza place, so we can have all the pizza we want. It’s authentic too! My dad was Italian and my mom Cajun. Weird combo, huh?”
I noticed that she said, “My dad /was./” Was her dad alive? I decided not to mention it. Not something you talk about with a person you just met.
I nodded my head, “Sure…Is it called Russo’s?” I’d seen that place several times on the drive back from school.
“That’s the one!” she said cheerfully. “See you there!” And with that she picked up her tray and walked away.
I stared after her, half joyful and half bewildered. “Well…this should get interesting.” 

Kirk or Luke? Gotta go with LUKE DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy First Day of September

Fall is almost among us. I can't wait!

So...........................what do you want to hear from me first? I have four ideas, and I want to know which to work on first.

  • My first drama class of this year
  • The Obi-Wan/Padmé love story conspiracy
  • My take on Padmé's clothes in Attack of the Clones
  • A new update of Suffering and Silence
Now it's up to you, faithful readers, to choose my next blog subject. Without you, we really wouldn't have an idea for this blog and it'd stink because we'd be writing to ourselves. So, please, comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Padmé Skywalker