Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blu Ray!!!!!

Hello all!

Who's ready for Star Wars to come out in Blu Ray NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be, except my mom said she's heard that everyone should wait to get the next version of Blu Rays, because a bunch of extra stuff will be on them. I don't know; I haven't really done my research.

How's everyone doing? How's your love for Star Wars?

I personally haven't had much time for movie watching. I've barely been reading my EU books. School has just been taking its toll on me. It's crazy.

Don't you just love our Christmas design? It's so beautiful. We're very ahead of the calendar.

This has been a post by Padmé....a procrastination post because she doesn't want to work on the paper of retelling Beowulf that is due on Monday but is technically due tomorrow afternoon because Padmé's mom doesn't want homework on the weekend. *deep breath* That was a run-on sentence.