Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Have a very safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

We'll be getting *real* posts up here soon! Hopefully before next year.....

~Qui and Endor

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

affect on your life...a post by Jocee

post from Jocee
i bet you haven't started. but haven't you realized by now how this has affected your life?

i meant star wars.

you know! darth vader and jabba the hutt and obi-wan kenobi and luke skywalker who just wanted to go to tosche to pick up some power converters!

did i mention that no one cares if you upset a droid?
and then waltzes princess leia....someone who loves you.

but really, haven't you realized how much star wars means to us? c'mon. without star wars, no one would stalk around with raspy breathing. *coughcoughgeneralgrievouscoughdarthvader* without star wars, no one would be so obsessed with a robotic British accent. without star wars, the halloween costume company would be bankrupt. without star wars, several debates wouldn't have been won, and the conventions would be an epic awkward moment. without star wars, we'd have nothing to randomly singing to. john williams wouldn't have won some of his oscars. and hayden christensen would just be that random guy...from...some movie.
without star wars, we'd have no reason to imitate yoda's particular grammatical habits. our hair would be lifeless and bunless. socks would have no use anymore. {seriously} and there would be no more storm troopers cupcakes. so see we HAVE to be thankful for star wars! without it there would be no reason for harrison ford. oh wait, i'm forgetting indiana jones, aren't i? nevermind. but c'mon! what if steven spielberg decided to wash cars? the world of major award shows would go down the drain.
so, think about it. wookies and ewoks and siths, oh my! it's kind of a legacy. it's kind of apart of us. i know you're probably thinking "wow, jocelyn, you've gone off the deepend." yes, yes i have. also, my lowercase letter obsession hasn't left yet. but seriously. where would be be without star wars?

my point exactly.
may the force be with you.
-kiss kiss kiss, oh my ewok-

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Guide to the Star Wars Fangirl Internet Community

Hello there!

Qui and I thought it would be a good idea to spread the word about some of our favorite Star Wars websites/blogs. This post is designed to help both older fans and the newer ones.

General sites:
Star Wars Official Site This one is a no-brainer, but you can find some gems. Now, if you don't like TCW, be forewarned that a lot of the site is dedicated to that TV show. I feel very behind in the series, because I haven't seen a single episode in this season besides the first one. Silly school.
The Lakehouse Forums This forum was founded by Ley, a good blogging friend of both Qui and I. She has Amaranthine and Fallon to help her run the site. It's a place for Christian fangirls to talk about Star Wars, God, school, and life in a safe environment (at least, as safe as the internet can get). My username is Dancing with Anakin and Qui's is Qui-Gon Lives.
The Star Wars Underworld Forums This is one of the forums I started out on. I can't remember my username at all, but that's where I got to know Ley a little better. This is a both guy and girl forum.
Main Star Wars Underworld Site This looks really cool! Thanks for the link, Fallon!
Wookieepedia The Wikipedia for Star Wars fans! I love this place. I get a lot of my favorite quotes from here.
Club Jade I haven't really looked into this site much.....Fallon reminded me of it. I should probably stop looking now, because I'll get sucked in and forget about this post.

Good blogs:
The Star Wars Female Fan Force blog This is a site run by several women who are all fangirls. I believe the blog used to be run by four ladies, but now they only have two contributers listed.
Amaranthine Forever This is Amaranthine's blog. She posts about a lot of things, but she has done several posts about Star Wars. One of the best things she has is a page on her blog that is a guide to the Expanded Universe, or EU. For those who don't know, the EU is many, many books written by several authors about the different characters in between the movies, before the prequels, between the prequels and originals, and after Return of the Jedi ends.
A Certain Point of View This is Sarah's blog. Star Wars is not Sarah's only fangirl universe, but she does post some interesting things about Star Wars. What I really like about her blog is that she writes from a perspective that's unique in my blog followings; she's the only college student/Star Wars fan I follow. So I get to hear some interesting perspectives. :)
Pandas, Lightsabers, and Cameras, Oh My!!! This is Cad Bane's Chick, or CBC's blog. She has some really good Star Wars information, and she has several interviews up on with Ashley Eckstein comes to mind.

Good places to shop:
Her Universe This place will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where I met most of my online friends and it's where I buy my totally awesome Star Wars apparel (I own the Padmé shirt, I Know Shirt, and the original Star Wars Burnout far). They're also branching out into other sci-fi areas, so Star Wars isn't the only thing they sell anymore! Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahoska Tano on TCW, is the founder.

Good resources:
Imaginary Styles I LOVE this site!!!!! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at doing one of the elaborate hairstyles of Padmé Amidala? What about the iconic cinnamon buns of Princess Leia? Find out on this site!! I've been planning on trying out some of these styles for a while. There are also over movie fandom styles on the site as well, such as Lord of the Rings styles. If you enjoy fanfiction (I'd say about half of my Star Wars fans do), this is the place for you! I'm going to see if I can get permission to use a friend's posts on fanfiction on here (I'm sure she'll give me permission...;) ).
The Padawan's Guide The place to go for resources and tips on making your own Star Wars costumes!!! I'm looking forward to using this site in the near future.

I was going to do a section on Anakin and Padmé fan sites, but I've decided I'm going to do a series of posts about different fansites for different Star Wars pairings, starting with my favorite couple of all time. :)
I'm also going to do a post on my favorite Star Wars YouTube videos.

I hope you enjoyed this intro to some of the best places on the internet for fangirls. :) If you have any sites I haven't mentioned dealing with these topics, let me know in our comment section! I'm going to make a page with this post in it and I'll make sure to include your sites on that page!

Endor :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Show Business

The world of acting is dangerous, bloodthirsty, and cruel. To be an actor, you need to have a tough skin. If you don't have one, be prepared to hurt.

I auditioned for The Best Christmas Pagenant Ever a few weeks ago. I have now auditioned for more roles than I've been cast. I'm probably not going to be cast for a while now because of all the work that's being done to my mouth because of orthodontics. But I'm going to keep auditioning anyways for the experience.
I've had issues with this one girl, Ratty, for years. Her mom is one of the most pushy, manipulative people I've ever met. I don't think my problems are directly with Ratty, but it stems from what happens to her because of her mom's actions. She went and auditioned on the first of the original two audition dates. She got her callback and she ultimately didn't go. In between her first audition and the callback, I auditioned and was told they didn't need me. Ratty and her parents had a two hour family meeting discussing the callbacks and the huge schedule adjustments needed if they put her in the play. After tears and such from Ratty, they all decided she was not going to go to the callbacks.
Long story short, her mom found out from our acting teacher that the director of the children's play was really considering Ratty for one of the roles. So, Ratty's mom pulled strings and got Ratty to go to a special audition, where she was cast.

I don't know why God chose to have everyone else I know get cast and me not, but He has a plan. I strongly suspect one of the reasons is to teach me to have a joyful heart in all circumstances and to be sweet and nice to everyone, regardless of what they get, even if it's "not fair".

All that being said, if you're considering a career in theatre, be strong. Don't let anything beat you down. Stand firm and keep working.

On a happier note, we got scripts in drama. Ratty and I are performing together and if you read our script, you'll realize we've been cast in the parts PERFECT for us. As in, it seems the play was written with our personalities in mind. :)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doctor Who: Closing Time

If you have not watched this episode, do not read any further. There are spoilers galore.

First Thoughts:
I loved this episode!! It went back to the old way that DW episodes were without losing the whole overlying plot of the season. Also I was happy to see Craig again! :D

-The Doctor talking to Alphie was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. I mean, everything Matt Smith does is cute, but this was ultra-cute.
-"Look, I get a name tag incase I forget who I am- which I do often." xD
-Has anyone else noticed that a theme that keeps showing up this season is father-son relationships? I like that...I think it always makes for a good story line.
-How the lady thought that Craig and the Doctor were together and the Doctor was totally oblivious to it was HILARIOUS!
-The little bit with Amy and Rory in the mall almost made me cry. *sniff*
-When Craig gave him the cowboy had I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
-As you know, I don't like River. However I did like the end. Obviously we already knew that she is the impossible astronaut. But just seeing her put into the suit was just like conformation. Her floating in the water with the creepy song from Night Terrors in the background was like a perfect cliff hanger.

I only have like...two dislikes. The cybermen for one. I HATE the cybermen. Always have always will. Although I'd rather see cybermen than dalekks.
The other dislike was the fact that the Silence are back. Actually that was more of a...I like it but I don't like it. They're freaky.

This episode gets an 8/10~

Saturday, September 24, 2011

And she says hello

Welcome to our blog...this wonderful place on the internet where you may read all about our obsessions. Shall we begin?


Endor is back! She's not quite sure why she's writing in third person, but she will stop that now.
I'm looking forward to sharing all about my obessions with everyone! Knowing me, my posts will probably be all over the place. But, like Qui said, most of it will center around Star Wars. I'm thinking of doing reviews for each Clone Wars episode and reviewing the Star Wars books I read.
I'll talk about my other obessions, too, don't worry! I promise not to give you just Star Wars. ;)

May the Father be with You!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Doctor Who: The God Complex

This is my first review for this blog! I will be posting a review of each Doctor Who episode as they come out.

If you have not seen this episode, don't read any further! It contains lots of spoilers!!!!

First Thoughts:
In all honesty, I disliked this episode almost as much as Let's Kill Hitler. The only thing that saved it for me was the little twist at the end and the Doctor's humor.

-Of course I always like the Doctor and his funny little lines, but I absolutely loved that he has a doctorate in cheese making.
-At first, for me, the whole nightmares thing was kind of stupid, but the way that they twisted it around in the end was cool and a bit unexpected.What with it being "They're not trying to make you scared, they're trying to make you have faith."
-I loved Howard! I almost cried when he died. Ugh, stupid Steve Moffat.

-The entire episode was extremely anti-climactic. I think that it didn't end with as much of a bang as it should have.
-That chick, the doctor girl (I've already forgotten her name, that's how dull she was) was so....well she was dull. She was just a typical character that the Doctor meets on his various shennangins. You know, the ones who he thinks would make brilliant companions, but they always end up dying. She was extremely predictable.
-THIS EPISODE WAS SUPPOSED TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME. If you're going to make the preivew seem scary, make the episode scary. Also, if you're going to put the Weeping Angles in the preview, put them in the episode for more than 2 minutes.
-Once again: What is it with Steve Moffat and dying? In a television series, you can't use that too often or else it loses it's meaning. I could have predicted that that doctor girl and Howard were going to die. I did predict that! The reason why the Weeping Angles were my favorite aliens were because originally they didn't kill you.
-WHEN DID THEY DISCUSS LEAVING THE TARDIS???? WHEN??? There has got to be something fishy going on, because Doctor just like...dropped them off and left. That's ridiculous. Normally, something terribly awful happens before they leave. Like Martha and the whole Master incident. Or Donna's sad situation. And obviously what happened to Rose at Canary Warf. I'm very angry. I want more Rory! Come onnnnn.

-I'm pretty sure that the Doctor's nightmare was either the Dalekks, River Song, or Rose. I think it would be just like the Doctor to have River Song or Rose as his nightmare. And I heard that they were having Rose somewhere in series 6, so maybe we'll get to see her again! :D

I'm giving this episode a 4/10.
Blaah. :/ I just wasn't impressed. Oh well. Tomorrow's episode should be better!



Yes, it's Qui and I'm posting on Lightsaber and a Script.
You know why? Because Lightsaber and a Script is OFFICIALLY OPEN AGAIN!

It'll be just like before except we don't have scheduled posts because those never go well and we are just going to post about everything we're obsessed with. Knowing Endor, most of her stuff will be about Star Wars, but still.

So, feel free to explore and leave anything you would like to see soon (posts, stuff like that) in the comments! :)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blu Ray!!!!!

Hello all!

Who's ready for Star Wars to come out in Blu Ray NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be, except my mom said she's heard that everyone should wait to get the next version of Blu Rays, because a bunch of extra stuff will be on them. I don't know; I haven't really done my research.

How's everyone doing? How's your love for Star Wars?

I personally haven't had much time for movie watching. I've barely been reading my EU books. School has just been taking its toll on me. It's crazy.

Don't you just love our Christmas design? It's so beautiful. We're very ahead of the calendar.

This has been a post by Padmé....a procrastination post because she doesn't want to work on the paper of retelling Beowulf that is due on Monday but is technically due tomorrow afternoon because Padmé's mom doesn't want homework on the weekend. *deep breath* That was a run-on sentence.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


How are you guys doing?

If you haven't noticed, LS came to a standstill. We're out of post ideas. But, at least Qui and I have our own blogs.
Qui is

If you can think of any post ideas, let us know!!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi, this is unrelated

It's Qui!
I changed the address and title of my personal blog, soooo here ya go.
Normally, to get updates on it, you'll have to unfollow and then follow again.