Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daddy's Girl

(Before I start this post I'm gonna say that ALL of this information was given to me by Luke, me and Padme's friend, and Padme! I'm really really really bad at all this...personality stuff in anyone, so I got all of it from them!!)

Its pretty obvious to everyone that there are similarities between Luke and his father Vader. But what about the similarities between Leia and Vader, or Luke and Padme. People don’t often think about that, but really, its quite obvious. Lets start with Leia and Vader. Both are very aggressive people who will mercilessly kill troopers and droids without a second thought. They fight for what they believe in without any hesitation, hardly ever taking the time to think about the consequences.  Both are cocky, especially in the face of an enemy (Ex. Leia, when confronted by Tuck, “Govener Tuck, I thought I smelled your foul stench when I was brought aboard. Ex. Anakin says to Grevious, “I imagined you being a lot taller.”) Added to the aggressive and cocky attitude, they both have a hard time forgiving people who’ve hurt them. Leia never was able to forgive Vader and Anakin wasn’t able to forgive Obi-Wan until his own death.  Last, but probably not the last of all the similarities there are, they both defied what was expected of them by marrying someone socially inferior. Leia married someone way beneath her station, and Anakin for marrying at all.
     Now, let’s pretend that there is a really good segway here and move on to Luke and Padme. Firstly, both believed that there was “still good in him (Vader.)” They tried to turn him back by pleading with him, even when he didn’t listen, neither gave up. Along with that, both of them are very forgiving, they forgave Vader for every horrible thing he did. Both Luke and Padme are very respected people in the galaxy (Luke head of the new order and Padme for her mercy, courage, and politics.) Exactly the opposite of the other two members of their family, Luke and Padme like strategy. They think through things before they do them. Last, but again, probably not the last similarity, they are both very short. Compare their heights to Vader’s! Short people! (This one goes for Leia too, who is also very short.)

Afterword: Sorry guys for such a crappy post! I was in a hurry to get something up, and I'm in the process of writing all my posts for next month. Because the next time both of us post, it'll be NOVEMBER! And that means, NaNoWriMo!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah SOOO MUCH PLANNING TO DO!
And Padme wanted me to pass on this message: "Sorry I haven't posted guys, I will get a post up this up coming m=Monday!" 

Here's a sneak peek on upcoming posts from me:
-Who Copied Star Wars? 
-Princess Leia Outfits
-Advice for Guys: Do you want to get a girl like Leia? Here's how to be Han Solo!!!

That last one will be more of just a joking, funny kind of post. It wont' be serious. xD


Picture by: TK33 on Deviantart. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Qui-Gon October Update

Here is my October update! Its a little early, but thats ok! I didn't post the Coruscant post on thursday because I was incredibly lazy and there believe me when I say theres ALOT of stuff about Coruscant. I'll be working on it, and it'll be up next Thursday! So, my updates are:

1. I got a 90 on my Biology test!!!! :DDD And then the other test I got a 71. ;-;
2. World-building (for my book) is going quite well. Sumara is now full of history.
3. I have a new church finally! Originally, we thought we had found one but we decided it wasn't the one for us, so we kept visiting others and we settled on this one!
5. (this one will only be exciting to me...) 28 days till Harry Potter! :DDDDDD (ok i'm done geeking out about that for now)
6. My dance studio got a new studio! :DD This is good because originally, they had two studios, but one of them got closed because they couldn't pay the taxes, so we were meeting at a church and the floors were TERRIBLE for our feet. Especially for contemperary because we don't wear any kind of shoes. Anyway, we got a new studio for the second location with REAL DANCE FLOORS. So thats good.

And thats about it for me in the month of October!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The government of the Star Wars universe has had many ups and downs.  It started out as a bunch of systems all governing themselves. War broke out frequently between the isolated systems.  Then, the universe was united as a Republic about 100 years before Yoda was born. Hard to imagine, right? Something going on that our little green friend doesn't know about.
The Republic lasted for around 1,000 years. During that time, it had a Golden Age. But, as usually happens, after the Golden Age, countries start to deteriorate. The same happened to the Republic. It started out small, with little pockets of war here and there among the different systems. But, as Sio Bibble so aptly put it in The Phantom Menace, "There hasn't been a full-scale war since the formation of the Republic."
The arrival of the Clone Wars was the last straw.  Unbeknownst to all the citizens of the Republic, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, was orchestrating both sides. When he finally had the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, under his command, murdering the promising Jedi Knight, and rebirthing him as Darth Vader, he declared himself Emperor, and formally ended the war.
Thus entered the Empire. It was a dark time for all the citizens. After about 18-19 years, a group of freedom fighters, led by Luke Skywalker........I'm getting ahead of myself. The Alliance grew stronger, and eventually overthrew Palpatine's dark reign.
Now a legitimate government, the New Republic began to rule. As of now, they remain in power.

Notice the resemblance to the early Roman government. As one of the guys in my history class put it, "It's just like Star Wars. That's how I can relate."

People, our government is turning out to be like this. Our social standards, everything is going downhilll, and going fast. Do we want our country to end just like the Star Wars Universe and Rome? Let's get out there, and save this place!

Post number 50, y'all!


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Naboo is a planet that is the homeland to some of our favorite characters in Star Wars: Padme Amidala, Jar Jar Binks, and then our not so favorite (Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.) The essence and beauty of the planet itself is captured in the prequels (namely Attack of the Clones.) Its romantic atmosphere seemed to fuel the love residing in Anakin and Padme, giving them the chance to change the fate of the galaxy. If they weren’t on Naboo, would it have happened? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll never know.
     It is believed (but not known) that the Gungan were the indigenous people of Naboo. We do know, however, that around 7,000 BBY, an alien people, called the Elders, had colonized Naboo and were now at war with the Gungans who were forced underwater.  The Elders reign ended in 5,032 BBY, but despite that, the Gungans remained in underwater.
     Nearing the end of the Sith Civil war, human colonization on Naboo began when it was discovered by the republic. For about 5 decades after that, the planet was inhabited by big game hunters who went after the veermoks. Around 3,900 BBY, refugees fleeing a violent revolution on Grizmolt came to Naboo and settled there. There were some conflicts between the humans and the Gungans due to culture differences, but they were at peace for a while. It wasn’t until 150 BBY that the differences and prejudices were pushed to their limits. The Gugan-Naboo war lasted until 121 BBY and during the conflicts the ruler of Naboo died. From that point on, the position was an elected one.
     Palpatine was born in 82 BBY, and although it is not known exactly when, he became a Sith Lord. He was Supreme Chancellor for a time, and eventually overthrew the Republic.
     One of the more liked characters, Padme Naberrie (who later took on the formal name of Padme Amidala) was born on Naboo in 46 BBY. She became queen in 33BBY and ruled until 25 BBY. She became Queen when the king before her was assassinated.
     Once Amidala was in power, she opened negotiations with the Trade Federation, who was outraged by Naboo’s resistance and soon launched an invasion on Naboo. Amidala refused to fight back, or take any actions that could cause war, and the citizens and government of Naboo were captured and imprisoned in detention camps. With the help of two Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala was rescued and traveled to personally plead for aid from the Galactic Senate.  The visit being unsuccessful, Padme returned to her home planet to lead a resistance herself. The Gungans agreed to an alliance with the people of Naboo and they fought long and hard. The battle was eventually won when young Anakin Skywalker accidentally blew up a droid control ship (the Federations main source of power.)
     During the Clone Wars, Naboo slowly deteriorated from its majestic state. The fighting and the war took a toll on the planet just like most of the planets in the Galaxy. After the Republic was overthrown, Naboo stayed in its sad state. 
     In the early years of the Empire, Queen Apailana secretly hid Jedi who had survived Order 66. She was found out and Apailana and the Jedi’s she was hiding were killed. The Empire replaced her with Kylantha, whom they thought wouldn’t cause any problems and would remain loyal to the Empire. She investigated the death of her predecessor and found out that the Empire had a hand in it. Therefore, when the Empire fell, Naboo gladly joined the New Republic.  
     Naboo, like any other planet, had its hard times and its good times. It produced two of the most influential people in the galaxy. Its romantic atmosphere helped bring together two secret lovers. Naboo truly is a wonderful planet. 

This post wasn't quite as good as the Tatooine one in my opinion. The Wookieepedia article wasn't very clear on somethings, as in who won the Gungan-Naboo war? And plus, Naboo has alot of history and I didn't want my post to be too lengthy, so I shortened it. Coruscant will probably be next! 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attack of the Clones

Hello all! I am finally getting back to the clothing views! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! As most of you know, or should know, Attack of the Clones is my very, very favoritest movie of all time. That being said, let's jump right in!

Pilot Disguise

While she no longer disguises herself as a handmaiden, Padmé sometimes dresses as a Naboo starfigher pilot as a safety precaution. In this disguise, she wears the new tactical pilot suit with leather tunic, gauntlets, and Naboo military boots. The starfighter pilot emblem is displayed prominently on her belt, and to complete the costume, Padmé wears a starfighter helmet. And while Padmé had previously used a decoy, this disguise is also effective as the majority of other senators would never lower themselves to wearing a common outfit such as this.
My View: Red pants? Seriously? It just doesn't go! And I don't particularly like the hairstyle, either.

Senate Address

To address the Senate and show that the assassination attempt has failed, the Senator wears a dress reminiscent of her royal robes. With gold and royal purple accents, the dress is a reminder of Padmé's power and her dedication to the ideals of the Republic.
My View: Too much mascara. Too much. Too much. I also think it would look prettier with silver, instead of gold.

Loyalist Committee

Though less restricting and more practical than her royal robes, Senator Amidala's deep purple dress and strict hairstyle are still elegant and impressive and conform to the Senate's harsh sense of etiquette. The golden neckband was a gift from the Naboo Council to their Senator.
My View: I love this dress. The colors are pretty! Her hair is a little too strict for my tastes; I like it flowly and girly.

Coruscant Nightgown

Despite her fame and power, Padmé lives in modest quarters on Coruscant and wears a simple white shift while sleeping.
My View: I honestly wouldn't be comfortable in this dress. Of course, I don't like wearing nightgowns; I get tangled up in them.

Packing Gown

In acknowledgement of the gravity of her situation, Padmé wears a somber gray gown while preparing to leave Coruscant. And though the dress has a beautifully decorated corset and a delicate headpiece (which feature Naboo emblems), it also acknowledges the seriousness of the recent assassination attempts. The thick overskirt hides a blast-damping underskirt, and the corset is made of light armor, making the dress elegant yet functional.
My View: I love this dress. I love the style, and even the colors are alright with me.

Refugee Disguise

After numerous assasination attempts, Padmé leaves Coruscant to return to the safety of Naboo. To evade detection, she and Anakin disguise themselves as a couple from the Thousand Moons system. Padmé dons the dress of a young matron from that system, complete with a veil to further disguise her. Upon safely arriving at Naboo, Padmé's safety is more assured, and she is able to remove the veil, revealing an elaborate Naboo crest. The headress is made from Orichalc metal, and the Flower of Life emblem decorates the crest in a continuous pattern.
My View: I think it is an elegant gown. But I don't like the colors.

Return Home

In a cut scene from the movie, Padmé and Anakin return to Padmé's home where he meets her family. She wears a diaphanous, two piece ensemble with a soft cloak, quite different from her rigid political robes.
My View: This outfit shows too much stomach, but I LOVE the color!!!!!!!!! The fabric is also quite lovely. And the hair! Oh my goodness, I love her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish my hair would curl like that.

Villa Retreat

According to Trisha Biggar, George Lucas wanted a dress that "wasn't there" for Padmé and Anakin's first kiss. Dermot Power stated that they were going for a dress that looked as if it would fall off if one sneezed. They accomplished both with this diaphanous gown based loosely on airy ancient Egyptian designs. Made of bias-cut silk chiffon and sand-washed silk satin, the gown was ombré dyed dyed to create the striking rainbow effect. It starts as smoky lilac at the hem, and then moves through pinks and oranges until it reaches a pale yellow at the neck. The overdress is gathered at the hem, front and back by clasps made of vintage-beaded tassels and mother-of-pearl. Shell was also used for the collar and arm cuffs, which were created from hand-cut abalone shell pieces.
My View: When I first saw Attack of the Clones, I fell in love with this dress. But.................after looking more closely at the costume, my sister Aayla and I have decided it's not as beautiful as it once appeared. Our first vision of it made it look like it was sparkling. It's just kind of...........plain. But I love how the sleeves are big and flowly. And I like the gathered skirt.  I don't like the shell at the top; it's kind of ugly. I don't mind the low back; I wouldn't wear it, but it's not like a huge, "You're a bad person; you'll never make it to heaven" kind of thing. I love the hair, too.

The Meadow Picnic
While technically free to be herself at Varykino, Padmé still chooses to wear a traditional and symbolic gown for her picnic with Anakin. The richly embroidered gown conforms to the intricate dress code associated with the Naboo nobility, and her hair is done in a formal court style.
My View: This is probably one of my two favorite outfits from this dress.

Dinner with Anakin

While in hiding at Varykino, Padmé is determined to deny her feelings for Anakin and remain loyal to her job only. Yet when they are alone and Padmé can finally dress as an individual, she unconciously choses a dress that reveals her true feelings for the Jedi.
My View: I don't like this gown. I'm very much against any form of sleeveless tops or dresses. I don't even like her hair.

Nightgown and Robe
While sleeping at the retreat villa of Varykino, Padmé wears a light, strapless gown decorated with delicate embroidery. When she hears Anakin in the throes of a nightmare, she puts on a rich blue robe to go see him.
My View: I love the robe and the hair.

Tatooine Cloak
To aid Anakin in his search for his mother, Padmé returns to Tatooine, though she wears an dress quite different from the rough peasant outfit she wore on her last stay on the desert planet. The soft, two-piece dress has a beautifully embroidered back, and is set-off by an intricate metal headpiece. To remain anonymous while traveling through Mos Espa, Padmé wears a full-length, large-cowled cloak.
My View: I love the colors, and the scrolly design. But I am really wondering about the costume design department's sanity; who exposes their stomach on a desert planet?

Tatooine Blue Dress

While staying at the Lars homestead, Padmé forgoes her more formal gowns, opting instead to wear a more appropriate, casual ensemble. She wears a simple sky-blue dress with her long hair down. Over the dress, she dons a dark blue smock that was woven by a primitive culture she had visited. Highlighted by rainbow embroidery and tassels, the smock possessed a naive yet fresh quality that fit in in the deserts of Tatooine. Additionally, the smock's loose-fitting shape protected Padmé from the sand while still allowing her to remain cool.
My View: It's ugly. That's all I have to say.

Arena Outfit

Free of the constraints of a politician, Padmé can wear more practical clothing while on Geonosis. The white elastic bodysuit and simple looped hairstyle are low-maintenace, allowing Padmé to focus on negotiations at first and later on survival. And while her boots feature light shin armor and her utility belt carries extra energy magazines for her blaster, Padmé wears two silver bands on her arms that not only indicate her political service, but also her desire to find a peaceful solution through negotiation to the conflict on Geonosis.
My View: This outfit is way overused. I do like her hair.

The Wedding Dress
Returning to Naboo to secretly marry Anakin Skywalker, Padmé wears a beautiful yet relatively simple gown of beads and lace. The wedding, however, is an harbinger of disaster as Padmé and Anakin's marriage violates the sacred Jedi Oath.
My View: This is my other favorite dress from the movie. I love the sleeves. I want those sleeves. I also adore how this is so old-fashioned and girly. Padmé is defintely the most girly out of all three Star Wars heroines (Padmé, Leia, and Mara)

That's all that I've gotten for you this time, folks!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

13 Severed Hands

I (Qui) just learned this random fact. In all 6 Star Wars movies, 13 hands/arms were chopped or pulled off!!!!

No hands were chopped off. I'm sorry.
Obi-Wan cuts off a random persons hand
Anakin gets his hand cut off by Dooku.
Dooku gets BOTH of his hands cut off!
General Grievous gets two of his hands cut off!
Mace gets his arm cut off by Anakin
Obi-Wan cuts off Anakins hand! (Thats twice for Anakin now)
Threepio gets his arm pulled off!
Obi cuts off someone elses arm in a bar.
The snow beast gets his arm chopped off by Luke.
And of course, Luke gets his hand cut off by his Father. (Duh)
And finally, Luke gets his revenge by chopping off Darth Vaders hand only to find that both of them have a robotic hand. Like father like son!

And if you combine the books and the comics and the movies, Vader/Anakin gets his hand chopped off NO LESS THAN 5 TIMES!!!

Its making me realize how....well...violent Star Wars is. At least its not gory, like at least they don't show it all. (THANK GOD because i CANNOT AND REPEAT CANNOT handle goryness.)

Have a nice day! And tomorrow, Padme post!! :DDDD


Friday, October 8, 2010

Tatooine: Provider of Heroes?

Tatooine; a wasteland, driven by the slave trade and thievery, with sand dunes that reach for miles and two suns that scorch everyone in it. This is the place that kept our two heroes of Star Wars; Anakin and Luke Skywalker.  One once a slave, later a powerful Sith lord, the other a cocky farm boy later a Jedi Master.
The known history of Tatooine begins many years ago. 
We may know it as a planet that has no plant life, only sand. But back then, it was lush as a rainforest with large oceans all around. It was inhabited by the Kumumgah people, who were very technologically advanced.  Later on, the Rakatan Infinite Empire invaded and took all the natives for their slaves. Eventually the Kumumgah people rebelled and overthrew the Empire. In return, the Rakatan , “subjected the planet to an Orbital Bombardment, that glassed (that is fused the silica in the soil into glass which then broke up over time into sand) the planet and the oceans boiled away.” 1 The Kumumgah people eventually split into two races; the Ghorfas and the Jawas.
It wasn’t until 5,000 BBY that the Republic found Tatooine, and they didn’t colonize it until 4,200 BBY. The planet was seen as useless and an unfit place for anyone but the natives to live. The people put there in 4,200 didn’t last long, their presence provoked the Ghorfas, causing their micro-evolution into Sand People (later known as Tusken Raiders.) Over a time period of many years, this establishment of humans was abandoned and re-colonized over and over.
It wasn’t until about 100 BBY when The Dowager Queen  crashed on Tatooine on the exact sight where Mos Eisley was built. From that time all the way to around 60 BBY (when Tosche Station was built) Tatooine was colonized, and it quickly became the crime ridden planet we know.
We are reaching the time when Tatooine plays one if its most important roles it ever played. In 32 BBY, Queen Amidala and her companions, including the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi  landed on Tatooine to prepare the hyper drive on the ship. They couldn’t pay the price that Watto, the dealer, wanted. A slave boy belonging to Watto, Anakin Skywalker decided to enter the upcoming pod race and use the prize money to buy the hyper drive for the visitors. Being the first human to ever win a pod race, Anakin became a legend.  Of course, after the winnings, Qui-Gon Jinn took him on as an apprentice.
10 years later, Anakin, now Obi-Wan’s padawan, returned to Tatooine, because he sensed his mother, Shmi, was in great pain. He learned that she had been captured by Tusken Raiders. He went on a search to find her, and when he found his mother barely alive and she died in his arms, Anakin was overcome with rage and he killed every raider in the village.
Fast forward to the point in this History when our second hero, Luke Skywalker, comes in. (18 BBY) Luke grew up on Tatooine, being raised by Shmi’s step son, Owen Lars.  You all know the story of course, of Luke buying the two droids, meeting up with Obi-Wan, finding out he’ll be trained as a Jedi, leaving the planet on the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo, and fast forward a little bit, Luke eventually saves the galaxy with his father, Darth Vader, who comes around in the end and turns out to be a hero, despite turning to the dark side.
Oh my gosh, that history came out a lot longer than I thought it would. Sorry guys if I bored you!! Anyway, back to Tatooine.
When I see Tatooine in the movies, it reminds me a lot of the towns you see in 3rd world countries. It has so much crime, and you have some like Jabba the Hutt who can get away with any crime and considers themselves like kings. Basically in Tatooine, it’s all about money. The more money you have, the more inside sources you have, the more “respected” you’ll be. I put respected in quotes, because really, at any moment, your dearest friend could turn on you if you show a sign of weakness. You do have the occasional loveable and handsome smuggler (AKA Han Solo) who has a heart of gold (Aww, cheese) and ends up marrying the girl of his dreams and helping save the galaxy. You have the slaves, who are doomed to be slaves the rest of their lives, with no way out.
All in all, Tatooine is doomed to always be a somewhat deadly planet, with sunlight that reflects off the sand and burns your eyes and skin, gangs, Sith cults, and the slave trade. We can be thankful, however, that it turned out the galaxies two heroes, father and son, Anakin and Luke Skywalker.   

1: Wookiepedia: Tatooine article. 

No, I'm not going to properly site this article. I don't feel like it! Anyway, This is the first in a series by my (Qui-Gon) about the main planets in SW. I personally, really want to attract more guy readers. So, I'm gonna be doing posts that would appeal more to guys. And Padme's probably won't change very much. 
The differences are: We won't be doing any more personal posts. They have to stick to SW, except for Padme's update every other week, and my update every month Padme posts every Monday and I post every Thursday! (I know this post is late, sorry!) Hope you enjoy, and MTFBWY!!

~Qui-Gon Jinn~

PS: What would you like to hear an article about? I know alot of you want Padme to continue Padme's outfits! Soooo *cough* Padmewritethearticle*cough* :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Padmé's Pet Peeves

I apologize for the mess up at the bottom........computers can be so annoying at times.......
1. My sister leaving the bathroom towel on the counter instead of hanging it up
I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does.
2. When people (girls, mostly) get all disgusted about pink.
Yes, I realize that not everyone likes the same color, but you don't have to hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Guys who are around the same age as I am, but act like my brother.
Would you like to come to my drama class?
4. The heat.
I'm moving to the Arctic when I'm old enough.
5. The lack of modest dresses in the stores.
I am so not wearing a strapless dress. I don't care if there's something over it, I'm not wearing one of those. I'm not going to continually pull my dress up, putting my hands there, and having guys stare at somewhere where they shouldn't be looking. Oh, and the dresses are WAY too short.
6. Peace signs on EVERYTHING.
Peace is good, but God's peace, not the Hippie Peace.
7. Misspelled words.
Maybe it's just because I'm a naturally good speller.
8. People not knowing the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.
It's really simple!!!!!!!!
9. Texting.
Really, people? You could talk to the person standing a few feet away from you with your mouth, not your thumbs, you know.
10. Smoking in public.
We would like to breathe unpolluted air, please.
11. Obsessions with caring for "Mother Nature"
Really, people? You smoke, yet want to take care of the earth?
12. Rivalries between colleges.
Let's all be one big happy family and not fight!
13. Rivalries between high schools.
Who cares which school has the better band?
14. Those who think homeschoolers never leave their homes.
I have spent most of last week out of my home. I do believe I have left it plenty of times.
15. Anti-readers.
Reading books is FUN, people!!!!!!! FUN! Why don't you try it?
16. Girls who can't stand skirts.
Skirts are beautiful. They're feminine. They're amazing. You'll get a gentleman for your husband easier. Just kidding about the last one.........Am I?
17. Annoying, unnecessary noises.
They mess with my head.
This is MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19. Dog earing pages.

Qui-Gon's Pet Peeves

Well, this has nothing to do with SW, but oh well! I wanna write a post about this anyway! Hopefully, Padme will follow suit and do one too!

1.) When people constantly make annoying noises.
My brothers happen to make the most annoying noises like with their mouth. And I am not a big fan of lots of noise anyway, it kinda messes me up. O-O

2.) When I'm somewhere crowded, like the mall, and people are walking slow infront of me.
Enough said.

3.) When people ask me how I have friends if I'm homeschooled. 
Again. Enough said.

4.) When I'm texting/IMing someone and our conversation is totally pointless and boring. This only happens with people who have very improper grammar. Gee, I wonder why?
Them: hey
Me: Hi! Whats up!
Them: nm u
Me: Uhhh, nothing, just checking facebook every two minutes. lol.
Them: o cool

End of covnersation, I never even say by. =.=

5.) When people smack their food.

6.) When boys look at me weird cause I like star wars.
We've all been there. ;)

7.) When other girls automatically judge a guy by his whether he's cute or not.
I want to get to know a guy before I try to judge him. I mean, I know we shouldn't judge people, but we're all human, we can't help it.

8.) When I hear people cursing in public and there are little children all over the place.

Yes it was very necessary for me to put that in all caps.

10.) When people overly critique your writing/art work. 
When i say overly critique, I mean as in people just being plain mean.

11.) Paper back books. 
I hate them.

12.) People who smoke in public places.
Its bad enough that you smoke already, but must you do it in public? I don't want to smell that nasty smell.

13.) When I read a really good book and I want to keep it, but its a library book and I can't!!! DDD:

gAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH that turns me into a giant squid of ANGER!!!!!!!!

15.) People who get too close when you're talking to them.
Ugh. Personal space.

16.) The person who hates on Qui-Gon on DA. DDDD< 

I have alot more, but I won't go on. xDD

Whats your pet peeves?


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Qui-Gon Update #3!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The NaNoWriMo forums were reset on Friday! :DDDD They're so nice and pretty and clean and new!!!! I'm already becoming a forum stalker! I even found a thread of Christian Teens debating on stuffs! So thats fun. And I found a thread for nerds and weirdos. :3 *is also part of that thread*
Man for something that hasn't even started yet, it still consumes so much of my time!!!

Anyway, on to the updates:

1.) STAR WARS 3D!!!!!!!!!! And I know most of you have already heard of that, But I just wanted to emphasize how excited I was about that.
2.) I know what I'm getting for christmas! A Wacom tablet! :DDD
3.) And I drew a bird-kid. Here she is. :3 Its me with longer hair...and wings. I cut my hair really really short in February and before that it was pretty long. I'm growing it out again.

I also drew Queen Amidala! Well, sketched it. So its kinda simple. 

What do ya think? Lemme know! :DD Thats the end of the updates I think! MTFBWY!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Padmé's Movie Update

Well, I was there for 14 hours. It was so hot, and misrable, and boring. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I was not featured in the shoots taken yesterday.


I was called back. They need facial shots tomorrow. So, I'll be going again. This time with a REAL camera. My mom's iPhone just isn't the same. Hehe.

So, pictures coming up later!

~Padmé Skywalker

Qui-Gon Update #2! :D

THE FORUMS ARE UP!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD I've been waiting for this forever!!!!! Well. like a week. I was excited.
Anyway, find me! My username is: its_on_mars (don't ask xD) There are only 14 members at the moment, so go sign up so you can get your username of choice without anybody stealing it!

And, Padme shot her movie yesterday! So expect an update from her on that some time later!

My best friend, I'm gonna call her Alexander the Great (even though her name isn't alex, we just call her that. And she calls me the Almighty Jack, even though the only letter in the name jack thats in my name is a xD) is coming to visit me in WA this December! :DDD She's coming a day after my birthday (my birthday is the 28th) and she's staying till the 5th of January! The good part is that we dont' ahve to go to an annoying new years eve party my neighbor was throwing! We had to go last year, and it was...i mean it was crazy and repulsive. Obviously there was no alchohol and it was only girls, but still. They wrote all over her walls with glow in the dark paint. They would have been drunk and it would have made no difference. =.= Most. Repulsive. and. vulgar. party. EVER.

Its a new month! :D October, which MEANS, drumroll please! ONE MONTH TILL NANOWRIMO!
For those of you who don't know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It begins on the first of November, and ends on the 30th. Basically, in that time, you write a 50,000 word novel. Its a heck of alot harder than it sounds. Last year I finished on the 30th, 1 hour before the deadline (so at like 11) with 50,345 words. :DD This year, I'm gonna try for 75k! As one of my unnamed friends says, "NaNo is a whole MONTH of awesome and crazy shenanigans!" If you are intrested heres the link:

And AFTER that, I'm gonna take my novel, polish it up, and then send it in to the Scholastic Art and Writing awards! :DDD  And heres the link for that:

Hmm, I  can't think of any other updates...Oh yea, Halloween! Or Fall Festivle at your church if you don't do Halloween. What are you gonna dress up as if you dress up? And does your church have a fall festival? My old one did. I'd go there, and then make my rounds around the neighborhood with my pillow case to get all the good candy. My greatest concern is that I don't have anyone to trick or treat with! DDD:
I cant quite decide what I'm gonna be. Either a Hogwarts student (don't you judge me) or Giselle from Enchanted. :D