About the Blog

Lightsaber and a Script was founded in August 2010 by two girls: Endor (She went by Padme then) and Qui-Gon. The original purpose of the blog was to post about the two things that they both had passions for. Acting and Star Wars.
The blog did fairly well, getting an immediate strong following from a few girls from the Her Universe forums.
However, around December, Endor and Qui ran out of post ideas because they are losers. So they stopped posting.

Then, however, Qui decided she wanted to jump back into the Star Wars community and Lightsaber and a Script was reborn! (September 2011)

We post about Star Wars, sometimes acting, and really anything that we are obsessed with.


  1. This is a really unique idea for a blog. Just an obsessions blog.
    :) That's really neat. <3

  2. That is fantastic!
    love it!



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