Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Have a very safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

We'll be getting *real* posts up here soon! Hopefully before next year.....

~Qui and Endor

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

affect on your life...a post by Jocee

post from Jocee
i bet you haven't started. but haven't you realized by now how this has affected your life?

i meant star wars.

you know! darth vader and jabba the hutt and obi-wan kenobi and luke skywalker who just wanted to go to tosche to pick up some power converters!

did i mention that no one cares if you upset a droid?
and then waltzes princess leia....someone who loves you.

but really, haven't you realized how much star wars means to us? c'mon. without star wars, no one would stalk around with raspy breathing. *coughcoughgeneralgrievouscoughdarthvader* without star wars, no one would be so obsessed with a robotic British accent. without star wars, the halloween costume company would be bankrupt. without star wars, several debates wouldn't have been won, and the conventions would be an epic awkward moment. without star wars, we'd have nothing to randomly singing to. john williams wouldn't have won some of his oscars. and hayden christensen would just be that random guy...from...some movie.
without star wars, we'd have no reason to imitate yoda's particular grammatical habits. our hair would be lifeless and bunless. socks would have no use anymore. {seriously} and there would be no more storm troopers cupcakes. so see we HAVE to be thankful for star wars! without it there would be no reason for harrison ford. oh wait, i'm forgetting indiana jones, aren't i? nevermind. but c'mon! what if steven spielberg decided to wash cars? the world of major award shows would go down the drain.
so, think about it. wookies and ewoks and siths, oh my! it's kind of a legacy. it's kind of apart of us. i know you're probably thinking "wow, jocelyn, you've gone off the deepend." yes, yes i have. also, my lowercase letter obsession hasn't left yet. but seriously. where would be be without star wars?

my point exactly.
may the force be with you.
-kiss kiss kiss, oh my ewok-