Thursday, December 9, 2010

Princess Leia

So, you know how Padme did all those posts about Padme's clothes? Well, I'm (Qui) gonna do one about Leia's!!! :D

So, lets start!

The Princess Gown 
The most classic Star Wars outfit ever I'd say. Right next to the Darth Vader suit. 
It is a traditional gown of the Alderaan royal family, as is the belt, and the hairstyle. The white color was meant to emphasize her purity.
I absolutely love this, and it matches Leia herself perfectly. Its not to girly at all, and perfect for ehr to move around in. I'd have to say that the top is my favorite part. I like the way it billows out over the belt. (And I LOVE the belt.) And then the hair, AHHH i want my hair to be able to do that. 

White Ceremonial Gown:
This is the only other gown that Leia wore in ANH. With a similar cut (and belt) as the Princess gown, I can imagine that Carrie Fisher was growing really tired of the whole long white dresses thing. But this dress really is gorgeous. My favorite part is the sleeve/cap thingy. So flowyyyy.

Hoth Snowsuit 
Leia's back in white!! How surprising...xD This is another outfit I really like. Its more practical than the others, since obviously pants are more practical that long dresses. It is in this outfit that she says perhaps my favorite line of hers ever..."Why you stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking nerf herder!" To which Han replies oh so smoothly, "Who's scruffy looking." 

Bespin Gown: 

I'm really not a fan of this outfit. Its probably my least favorite Leia outfit (Not counting the slave one.) In my opinion, the fabric the dress is made out reminds me of my brothers gross sweatshirt and the robe thingy over it looks like a hotel comforter. Thats just my opinion though. Moving on! PS: I love her hair though!!!

Bespin Jumpsuit: 

We're back to white again! And meh its a jumpsuit. I don't have much of an opinion on this one. Other than she kinda blends into Lando's house or whatever.

End Dress: 
Is it just me or does this gown look like the Princess gown with a few alterations? 

NOTE: I'm not gonna do one for her disguise in the beginning of RotJ nor the slave outfit. I mean seriously, the slave outfit? Enough said. 

Battle Outfit: 
These pants are so.....80's. Thats the only way to describe them. I normally like this outfit, but looking at it in this picture i hate it...Whatever, on to my favorite outfit of Leia's!

Ewok Dress: 

(Ewoks freak me out o.o) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!! Its so pretty and natural and rustic! And her hair, oh my gosh i want her hair. When my hair gets longer I'm going to have to dress up in this outfit and do that with my hair. :D 

Anyway, whats your favorite outfit of Leia's? 

So, on Sunday (as most of you know by now) I'm going to Florida, and I'm most likely not going to be able to post. So I'm going to try to write one before I leave and then give it to Padme so she can post it for me. Its going to be like the ones i did for Han and Anakin but about Obi! :D I love Obi and I don't know a single person who hates him!! (He's gonna be weirded out when he sees his Master fangirling about him.) 

Bye guys! MTFBWY!



  1. *lets out a cry* It's Leia! Yahoo! She be my favoritest character ever! I like her Bespin outfit, Ewok outfit, and the original episode four outfit. =) =) Mesa no like her slave outfit though. Blech.

    -Leia <3

  2. Oh my goodness, when you said Master fangirling over his Padawan, I lost it in laughter.
    My favorites are both from ANH (so pretty!)and the Bespin outfit (though I wish it was a dress and not pants).
    My favorite hair is both ANH, Hoth snowsuit, Bespin and jumpsuit outfits, and Ewok dress. I wish my hair was like the hair of the girls in SW!

    I'll be doing ROTS Padmé hopefully Monday......


  3. Oh, mine is the Hoth outfit. Ever since I first saw ESB I fell in love with Leia in this outfit. I don't know why I just did. I love her hair too!! Second to that is the ANH dress. So classic. Lol, I did my hair like that this morning!!!
    Ohooho, yay, ROTS Padme`!!!! Can't wait!
    Haha, Qui, the Obi thing sounds so funny!!! Can't wait for that either! Have fun on your trip!!
    Jedi~Chick <3

  4. No slave outfit? D:

    Well really I don't care for it too much, so it doesn't matter.
    -darth anonymous

  5. I was kidding o.o I don't care for it too much

    -Darth Anonymous

  6. xDD Savannah, no hitting him now. Control yourself. Lol

  7. Yes Qui. No hitting me. ;3

    -Darth Anonymus

  8. Hmph. Fine. >.>


  9. I'm hungry... Where should I go eat? D:

    -Darth Anonymous

  10. Yay! Leia!!
    Thanks for doing Leia Qui-Gon!
    I like her Bespin gown the best. I sooooo want it! lol.
    ~Leia Organa Solo

  11. Well Darth, I have no idea what's in your area. So I can't help. But maybe you should have pineapple. (Yes, Qui told me about you. :3)


  12. Oh really... What exactly has she told you?

    -Darth Anonymous

  13. What happened to your mom (I'm praying for you), the pineapple tree thing, the period table thing, you guys nice you are. That kind of stuff. Nothing much really.

  14. Ah. Yeah, Mom will be in the hospital till the end of the week at the earliest... Blood clot in her lungs. Not fun..

    -Darth Anonymous

  15. Well, this isn't the first time this has happened. She's also had cancer since I was 9, and this happened around then too... She'll be okay

    Its really nice to know there are still people out there who will pray for the well being of another person that they don't even know. Such a comforting thought :D

    -Darth Anonymous

  16. :) Well if your close to Qui, then I consider you a friend. Is that okay?

  17. Yeah, thats perfectly fine with me :D

    -Darth Anonymous

  18. Yay! Well, for all of you who would like to follow it, here's my blogs:



  19. I post on Words of Wisdom and Fiction. :D Cause I'm writing a collab book with Audrey.

    ~Qui (Again, too lazy to log in.)

  20. Well... You don't appreciate The Slave outfit, obviously bcoz u r girls... and you feel it is somehow, degrading and sexist. But it is an Icon... Leia is grabbed in the subconcious of a thousands of men, all bcoz of this suit. Slave Leia was the best FX of all the entire saga.

  21. She wears so much white! They all look good though

  22. I have a Leia outfit for my world of warcraft character, i need to get the white boots. And the robe that matches best is probably the Aurora Robe.

  23. i'd love to costume the bespin gown. but finding the right pattern is hard enough.


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