Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Revenge of the Sith Padmé Outfits

The final installment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 'Leia Buns' Cloak "Ani, I'm pregnant."

In a time of increasing danger and violence, Padmé must take great care not only to protect herself, but to protect the secret of her marriage. When meeting her clandestine husband, then, she wears a rich, dark cape that covers her completely. The dark cloak not only helps her blend into the shadows, but its volume hides her pregnancy. Underneath the cloak, Padmé dons the Black Beaded Dress, a subtle gown that also helps her remain inconspicuous. But despite this need for secrecy, Padmé manages to add a characteristic flair to the outfit, in the form of a beaded brooch on her left shoulder and a mottled lining inside the cloak. Padmé's look is further accented by her heirloom suspensas dangling from her ears and her elaborate Naboo hairstyle. My opinion: I love this outfit! Her Universe needs to make earrings like these. I also like how Leia unknowingly wore Nubian hair when she wore the buns. :)
The Veranda Nightgown "It was only a dream."

 Relaxing in her apartment at night, Padmé wears a steel blue silk-satin nightdress with waterfall drapery in the back. The elegant gown is accented by touches of silver: a small silver tiara, a silver brooch, and light silver pearls.
My opinion: So beautiful! I would never be able to sleep in it, though. The pearls on my arm would make me feel constricted.

The Revelation Gown  "Have you ever considered that we may be on the wrong side?"

Padmé dons a heavy purple velvet cloak with a double yoke for a meeting with a group of anti-Palpatine senators, including Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. Not only is her intricately beaded and embroidered gown appropriate for the formality of the meeting, but the size of the cloak hides her pregnancy which is unknown to most senators.
My opinion: I like this one a lot, too. The sleeves are sparkly! The hair isn't my favorite.

The Blue Linen Dress "You expect too much of yourself."

 Padmé wears this beautiful gown under her 'Leia Buns' cloak, and while in her apartment. The simple gown is made of navy blue linen and accented by a beaded black necklace and an elaborate jet belt. The belt, however, does not encircle Padmé's waist, but decorates the front of the gown only. Padmé sometimes dons a black lace shawl over this dress as well
My opinion: I love this one, too, along with the hair.

The Green Robe "We cannot let this turn into another war."

To meet both Obi-Wan and a group of senators in her apartment, Padmé chooses to wear an elegant green velvet robe. Both done in vivid purple, the thick sash around her waist and her ubiquitous insignia etched into the velvet add a striking color contrast to the gown. The wide silhouette of the full skirt is matched by a full hood on top, and the gown is completed by a jeweled brooch on the chest.
My opinion: I used to not be able to stand this dress, but now I love it. And the hair. :)

The Aqua Nightgown "Anakin, I'm afraid."

 While watching the death of the Jedi Temple, Padmé wears a soft, flowing nightgown accented by embroidered Naboo designs, beaded gauntlets, tiny shells, and waterfall drapery flowing off the shoulders in the back.
My opinion: I love this one, too! The headband is really beautiful.

The Final Senate Appearance Dress "So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."

 In her final appearance in the senate, Padmé wears a gorgeous, rich, and layered gown of purple velvet. The gown is complimented by a circular hair piece and three intricate ornaments worn on the crinkled 'tabard.'
My opinion: I don't really like this dress. This may, in part, be due to which scene it is worn in. I do like the purpleness of it.

The Peacock Gown

Meeting with other senators to discuss Palpatine's increasingly tyrannical rule, Padmé wears a formal ensemble consisting of a pleated underdress, a velvet cloak and an intricate headress with snood.
My opinion: Eeew. Eeew. Eeew. I don't like this dress. At. All.

The Dressing Gown "I don't believe you....I can't."

 Worn when Obi-Wan comes to inform Padmé of her husband's apparent fall to the dark side.
My opinion: Padmé manages to look so beautiful, even early in the morning. I love this (and the hair!).

The Sleeveless Outfit "You're going down a path I cannot  follow."

When Padmé rushes off to Mustafar to find Anakin, she wears an action-oriented outfit in shades of brown. And while her ensemble is geared towards movement, it also is geared towards her pregnancy. The leather harness crossing Padmé's chest help ease her back pain while her tall boots contain cushioned inserts.
My opinion: I don't like it. The first time she really gets to show off her pregnancy, it's not even in a pretty dress. Am I the only one who gets a sudden thought of "She's not wearing any pants!" whenever you see her run across the landing platform on Mustafar? That's what goes through my mind every time I watch the movie for like three seconds.

The Hospital Gown "There is good in him....I know there is."

After spending so much of her life in an incredibly elaborate wardrobe, Padmé wears only a simple white hospital gown during her final moments.
My opinion: Who cares? I don't really spend that much time looking at this dress. I mean, really.

The Water Gown

Following her untimely death, Padmé's body is returned to Naboo for a solemn evening funeral. She is dressed in a blue-green underdress and a heavily-sequined cloak, and her hair is adorned with delicate flowers in a fittingly lovely tribute to the former queen.
My opinion: It's sooooooooo beautiful! It really is a fitting gown for the burial of the Star Wars galaxy's favorite queen. It is kind of hard to see in the movie since I can hardly see anything at the point through my tear-blurred eyes.

Now that this is over, I'm going to have to start thinking about posts again. :3

In conclusion, I must say that I love most of the Revnege of the Sith dresses. Too bad it's such a sad movie.



  1. I strongly suggest you read the book "Dressing A Galaxy". It's all about the costumes of Star Wars. Every single costume. The book is really big, so it's nice to have full, glossy pages of every beautiful dress, commentary from the costumers, and detail shots.

  2. I love that book!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are missing the Parade Gown from the end of TPM.


  3. Never until now have I ever even noticed there were this many different outfits for one character in any movie...

    - Darth Anonymous

  4. I love the every one of those except the hospital gown, the sleeveless outfit, the peacock gown, the final senate appearance dress, and the revelation gown. And your right, this movie is definitely the one where she's most beautiful. I think it's the pregnant glow. She's just so beautiful!

  5. They are all so beautiful!!! Too bad I can't watch the movie because it's so darn depressing!!!!! I think my favorite is the Green Cloak, Aqua Nightgown, and The Sleeveless Mustafar Outfit. I'm not sure why I like that last one, I just do. Great post!!! :D
    Jedi~Chick <3

  6. *sniff* The last outfits are so sad. I remember what happened when she wore them....... *grabs tissue*

    I don't have many big favorites from episode three. All of them were so...big. I know that's because she was pregnet and all though, and she was trying to hide it.

    I love the blue linen dress, veranda nightgown, and the water gown. =)

    -Leia <3

  7. This movie has most of my least favorite gowns actually...I like the Sleeveless one, all the nightgowns, and the cloak. The rest I really dislike. Oh and the funeral gown I like, but that just makes me sad. ;-;

    ~Qui (Who is too lazy to log on)

  8. I love most of these dresses except the Mustafar dress and the Peacock dress.

  9. i hope to be able to costume at least 2 or 3 of these amazing outfits. i'm currently in the planning stages for padme's peasant outfit from ep.1 :)


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