Friday, September 23, 2011

Doctor Who: The God Complex

This is my first review for this blog! I will be posting a review of each Doctor Who episode as they come out.

If you have not seen this episode, don't read any further! It contains lots of spoilers!!!!

First Thoughts:
In all honesty, I disliked this episode almost as much as Let's Kill Hitler. The only thing that saved it for me was the little twist at the end and the Doctor's humor.

-Of course I always like the Doctor and his funny little lines, but I absolutely loved that he has a doctorate in cheese making.
-At first, for me, the whole nightmares thing was kind of stupid, but the way that they twisted it around in the end was cool and a bit unexpected.What with it being "They're not trying to make you scared, they're trying to make you have faith."
-I loved Howard! I almost cried when he died. Ugh, stupid Steve Moffat.

-The entire episode was extremely anti-climactic. I think that it didn't end with as much of a bang as it should have.
-That chick, the doctor girl (I've already forgotten her name, that's how dull she was) was so....well she was dull. She was just a typical character that the Doctor meets on his various shennangins. You know, the ones who he thinks would make brilliant companions, but they always end up dying. She was extremely predictable.
-THIS EPISODE WAS SUPPOSED TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME. If you're going to make the preivew seem scary, make the episode scary. Also, if you're going to put the Weeping Angles in the preview, put them in the episode for more than 2 minutes.
-Once again: What is it with Steve Moffat and dying? In a television series, you can't use that too often or else it loses it's meaning. I could have predicted that that doctor girl and Howard were going to die. I did predict that! The reason why the Weeping Angles were my favorite aliens were because originally they didn't kill you.
-WHEN DID THEY DISCUSS LEAVING THE TARDIS???? WHEN??? There has got to be something fishy going on, because Doctor just like...dropped them off and left. That's ridiculous. Normally, something terribly awful happens before they leave. Like Martha and the whole Master incident. Or Donna's sad situation. And obviously what happened to Rose at Canary Warf. I'm very angry. I want more Rory! Come onnnnn.

-I'm pretty sure that the Doctor's nightmare was either the Dalekks, River Song, or Rose. I think it would be just like the Doctor to have River Song or Rose as his nightmare. And I heard that they were having Rose somewhere in series 6, so maybe we'll get to see her again! :D

I'm giving this episode a 4/10.
Blaah. :/ I just wasn't impressed. Oh well. Tomorrow's episode should be better!



  1. What's the whole point of Doctor Who? I'm not saying that it's silly or anything, but I don't think I understand the basic plotline.

    Everyone's telling me that I'll love it....

  2. the Doctor is a time traveler. He travels around in a blue police box which is called the TARDIS. It's his time travel device.
    He's like 900 years old, but because of this thing called regeneration he has changed his face 11 times.
    He always has a companion with him.
    The show centers around their travels and adventures throughout time and space.
    I think you would like it. :)

  3. This episode was okay, but just a filler episode. Like the only part that was actually relevant to the entire plot of the season was the end, when he dropped off Amy and Rory. And in "Let's Kill Hitler" that actually tied up the loose ends on River Song and the little girl (Melody) in the spacesuit from the beginning of the season. And did you see the beginning of Series 6? Because we all know he dies. He just wants to live a bit, BY HIM SELF, without Amy and Rory and River. That's why he dropped off Amy and Rory. I enjoyed this review... :)

  4. @Anon:
    I don't think we're on the same page here. xD
    I still think that the Doctor is either going to die or narrowly avoid dying at the end of this season because even though you would think that it wouldn't happen because of what happened in Let's Kill Hitler, you still see it happen at the end of Night Terrors.
    But, of course, I haven't seen the first half of the season in a few months so I could be leaving out some things.

    I'm just a bit confused. (Very confused) But it'll all make sense by the end of the season. It always does.

    Thanks for commenting! :D


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