Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Show Business

The world of acting is dangerous, bloodthirsty, and cruel. To be an actor, you need to have a tough skin. If you don't have one, be prepared to hurt.

I auditioned for The Best Christmas Pagenant Ever a few weeks ago. I have now auditioned for more roles than I've been cast. I'm probably not going to be cast for a while now because of all the work that's being done to my mouth because of orthodontics. But I'm going to keep auditioning anyways for the experience.
I've had issues with this one girl, Ratty, for years. Her mom is one of the most pushy, manipulative people I've ever met. I don't think my problems are directly with Ratty, but it stems from what happens to her because of her mom's actions. She went and auditioned on the first of the original two audition dates. She got her callback and she ultimately didn't go. In between her first audition and the callback, I auditioned and was told they didn't need me. Ratty and her parents had a two hour family meeting discussing the callbacks and the huge schedule adjustments needed if they put her in the play. After tears and such from Ratty, they all decided she was not going to go to the callbacks.
Long story short, her mom found out from our acting teacher that the director of the children's play was really considering Ratty for one of the roles. So, Ratty's mom pulled strings and got Ratty to go to a special audition, where she was cast.

I don't know why God chose to have everyone else I know get cast and me not, but He has a plan. I strongly suspect one of the reasons is to teach me to have a joyful heart in all circumstances and to be sweet and nice to everyone, regardless of what they get, even if it's "not fair".

All that being said, if you're considering a career in theatre, be strong. Don't let anything beat you down. Stand firm and keep working.

On a happier note, we got scripts in drama. Ratty and I are performing together and if you read our script, you'll realize we've been cast in the parts PERFECT for us. As in, it seems the play was written with our personalities in mind. :)



  1. Blegh.
    Theatre is a dog-eat-dog world. If you have the right connections, like Ratty does, then you're going to do well. If Ratty let's her mom run her life, she will be succesful.
    And while I know that she is pretty talented...if she ever tells her mom that she doesn't need her, reality is going to slap her in the face.
    Eventually she will get tired of having her mom do everything for her.
    You however, get all of your roles because you are SO good.
    I love you Endor!!! <3

  2. Hi. This is totally unrelated to this post, but I just want to let you know that I just read through every single post you have. (Creepy, I know! Just kidding.) FINALLY, fellow Star Wars junkies! No one understands us, do they? Haha. But I'm a Google follower now, so you'd better keep on posting! :) Pwease! :)
    ~Smylee (but I prefer Mara Jade)


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