Thursday, November 25, 2010

Carving the turkey: Lightsaber style!

"Dad Carves the Turkey"

I love this picture. xD
Anyway, this isn't much of a post because I'm in a hurry to go downstairs, eat some food (i was sick yesterday  so I didn't eat much) then i gotta start cooking! Woo!
So, quick list of what I'm thankful for (this will be on my other blog and that one will possibly be longer and more detailed.)

~My family (duh)
~My friends (duh)
~George Lucas
~My ipod
~My computer
~Basically the fact that I am so blessed when it comes to how much I have when some people have none. (i'm sorta a spoiled brat actually.)
~My ability to act
~God's love
~J.K. Rowling

Yupppp, thats what I'm thankful for. :D

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

"Set aside your differences"


  1. Oh my gosh, those pics are so funny! :DD

  2. I love the pics!!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
    Have a great day!

  3. I know right??
    Happy thanksgiving to you too :D

  4. Its now Christmas time! :D I think I'll set up the tree this weekend...

    - Darth Anonymous

  5. I'm going to get my tree on sunday. :DD

  6. Yay for trees!

    -darth anonymous

  7. I have two fake trees, lights on the house, poinsettas in the dining room, a third tree that might be put up later possibly, candle lights in the windows, so yeah, we're pumped for Christmas. =D YAY!

    -Leia <3

  8. We have a fake tree. It's totally decorated and so is our Kitchen, living room, family room, hallway, and my sister and I's bathroom. I'm going to decorate my room this weekend, and my sister's too. I love Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year!!
    Jedi~Chick ;)

  9. 1. Pineapple tree? o.o;

    2. I surprised my parents by setting up our tree while they were at moms doctors appointment :D It was fun

    - Darth Anonymous

  10. Hey hey, you know full and well about pineapple trees. Don't play dumb.

  11. D: Awh... Fine...

    - Darth ANonymous

  12. I'm guessing this is the other person besides Katy who texts you everyday Savannah? Very nice to meet you. :P


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