Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Time!

So, I'm going to do a really short post this week.

Be working on your lists! Yes! NOW! It's almost Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My FAVORITE time of year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I get fangirly over Christmas. LOL! :P

Good news for all Her Universe shoppers! Free shipping through this Sunday (11/21)! Pass on to your parents and/or whoever you send your list to.
Not as good as the 20% off that they had a few weeks ago, but, FREE SHIPPING?! That's..........$8 saved right there. More if you chose a higher shipping cost. Go to

See, Ashley does listen to her fans. Thank you, Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's the first five things on your list?

Mine are:
I Know shirt
The Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy
Set-Apart Femininty by Leslie Ludy
Padmé in her wedding dress action figure
Remote Control Lightsaber Room Light



  1. This couldn't have waited until after Thanksgiving when its /actually/ Christmas time...? One holiday at a time.

  2. Uhhhh, well, I don't quite have a list...but things I want would beee:
    Wacom Tablet
    Copic Markers
    Darth Vader Hoodie (HU)
    new eyeshadows and eyeliners
    itunes gift cards.


  3. PS: Not to offend you or anyone, but how is true beauty a lost art?


  4. Quoting from the Amazon description.......(yes, I do use Amazon a lot! Yay for Amazon!!!!!!!!!)

    "Sensuality equals beauty-that's what today's young women are learning from our sex-obsessed society. Millions of 20somethings are caught up in trying to look like fashion models, movie stars, or the hottest new pop singer and end up plagued by insecurity, eating disordres, and sexual promisuity.
    Bestselling author and speaker Leslie Ludy (Authentic Beauty and Set-Apart Femininity) shares a different vision for feminine loveliness as God intended it to be-the breathtaking radiance of a young woman who has been transformed by Christ from the inside out. With candid personal stories, practical advice, and inspiration, Leslie leads young women on a life-changing journey to become women of feminine grace, beauty, and enduring style.
    Leslie inspires girls toward inner changes but also talks about practical social grace and manners, how to dress beautifully, and even how to create a warm and lovely environment in the home. Clearly, true beauty is more than skin deep."


  5. I don't like making lists, I don't really like the attitude behind them....?. the only things I really want are things I can't buy:
    1.) Splits. Those are realllly important.
    2.) To finish my NaNo novel.

  6. Oh, and more Star Wars books. Those are always good. I think I'll ask for the Dark Nest Trilogy by Troy Denning <3 you troy.

  7. Oh, I have two of the Dark Nest books. Haven't read them yet. Gunna read the NJO books first. BTW finished the Thrawn books last night!! Now I'm starting in on the Hand of Thrawn books. I'll try to finish both before Christmas.

    My Christmas list has a bunch of books this year. Plus some action figures and a camcorder.

  8. DNT is for super-uber hardcore star wars fans. :p Action figures are crazy expensive.

  9. Let's see, my list.
    1. The Jedi Path.
    It is so amazing, it is also $100
    2. Any action figures, especially TCW
    3. SW books!! I only have 8!
    4. Taylor Swift's new CD
    5. HU I know or Burnout Shirt. Or the Rebel Alliance Necklace but it's sold out.
    6. SW music books for Violin and Viola
    I think that's it, I'm sure that I have much more though!!
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  10. You have more than I do. You can go bankrupt buying Star Wars books. Luckily the local libraries have pretty much every Star Wars book in the whole universe. EXCEPT the last DNT.


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