Monday, November 8, 2010

Rewritten Ending

This is my "perfect" ending to my absolute favorite scene in The Empire Strikes Back.
Warning: It's


Han couldn't believe it. Finally, after months of arguing and waiting, Princess Leia was in his arms, her lips pressed to his. She had stopped resisting, and was now still. The soft grinding of servomotors rose up above all the other sounds of the injured Falcon. "Master Solo! I found what's wrong with the Falcon!" C-3PO, Luke's annoying golden protocol droid entered the small maintenance hallway exuberantly.
Han pulled away reluctantly, mentally telling himself that he would someday kill the droid. "Thank you, Threepio. I really needed to know that at this moment."

When the scruffy looking smuggler (as described by the proper princess herself) turned away to talk to Threepio, Leia scooted back against the wall. Her heart was racing and her breathing had accelerated. She crouched down, scooted around the corner, and lowered her head onto her knees. Attempting to breathe quietly, she concentrated all her will on her lungs. She heard Threepio shuffle off and Han turn around. "Princess?" She held her breath.

Han saw the white toe of Leia's boot stick out. Spreading his cocky half-grin over his face, he walked around the corner and knelt in front of her. "Hey," he said softly. She pointedly turned her head away from him. "Are you mad at me?"
"Why would I be mad at you?" Her voice was strangled.
He placed his hand on hers and was rewarded by a shiver that ran through her body. "I think," Han dropped his voice to a serious whisper. "that you're hiding something from yourself."
"Like what?"
" you feel about me."
Leia glanced at him with the corner of her eye. There was no hint of teasing in his eyes, just She drew in a deep breath.
"C'mon. I don't bite."
She buried her face in her knees and dared to whisper. " are.......a good..............." She swallowed hard and squeezed her eyes shut. "........kisser."
To her surprise, she heard no laughter. Silence filled the little area. When Leia looked up, Han's eyes and face were filled with longing. "Leia........I think that's the nicest thing you've said to me in a long time."
She bit her lip. "It's true."
Han smiled. He knew better than to point out the fact that many of his past acquaintances had proved that point. He knew now that he had never loved them. It had just been an adolescent attraction to a pretty girl. If this was love he felt now, he wanted to spend the rest of his life by Leia's side. Slowly, he reached out with his hand and stroked Leia's hair.
"Han, would you kiss me again?"
"With pleasure." He opened his arms wide and Leia slipped into his lap. Wrapping his arms snugly around her, he lowered his mouth to hers.


  1. :cough: fangirly :cough: shipper :cough: fanfic.

  2. EEEEE!!!!!! Very good! Makes me squeely!

  3. AhhhhEEEEE!!!!! I just got so squealy!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    So you and me and many others like us....
    SO PERFECT!!!!!! I was this close to starting a Han/Leia lovestory fanfic, (squeezes fingers super close to show how close) and I think you just inspired me to take the idea up again!!! I Love it Padme, I love it.

  4. AHEEEEEEEEEEEEE *runs around in circles* EEEEE.

    I think my feelings have been properly expressed.


  5. @Audrey: hee, you love me. <3



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