Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Attack of the Clones

Hello all! I am finally getting back to the clothing views! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! As most of you know, or should know, Attack of the Clones is my very, very favoritest movie of all time. That being said, let's jump right in!

Pilot Disguise

While she no longer disguises herself as a handmaiden, Padmé sometimes dresses as a Naboo starfigher pilot as a safety precaution. In this disguise, she wears the new tactical pilot suit with leather tunic, gauntlets, and Naboo military boots. The starfighter pilot emblem is displayed prominently on her belt, and to complete the costume, Padmé wears a starfighter helmet. And while Padmé had previously used a decoy, this disguise is also effective as the majority of other senators would never lower themselves to wearing a common outfit such as this.
My View: Red pants? Seriously? It just doesn't go! And I don't particularly like the hairstyle, either.

Senate Address

To address the Senate and show that the assassination attempt has failed, the Senator wears a dress reminiscent of her royal robes. With gold and royal purple accents, the dress is a reminder of Padmé's power and her dedication to the ideals of the Republic.
My View: Too much mascara. Too much. Too much. I also think it would look prettier with silver, instead of gold.

Loyalist Committee

Though less restricting and more practical than her royal robes, Senator Amidala's deep purple dress and strict hairstyle are still elegant and impressive and conform to the Senate's harsh sense of etiquette. The golden neckband was a gift from the Naboo Council to their Senator.
My View: I love this dress. The colors are pretty! Her hair is a little too strict for my tastes; I like it flowly and girly.

Coruscant Nightgown

Despite her fame and power, Padmé lives in modest quarters on Coruscant and wears a simple white shift while sleeping.
My View: I honestly wouldn't be comfortable in this dress. Of course, I don't like wearing nightgowns; I get tangled up in them.

Packing Gown

In acknowledgement of the gravity of her situation, Padmé wears a somber gray gown while preparing to leave Coruscant. And though the dress has a beautifully decorated corset and a delicate headpiece (which feature Naboo emblems), it also acknowledges the seriousness of the recent assassination attempts. The thick overskirt hides a blast-damping underskirt, and the corset is made of light armor, making the dress elegant yet functional.
My View: I love this dress. I love the style, and even the colors are alright with me.

Refugee Disguise

After numerous assasination attempts, Padmé leaves Coruscant to return to the safety of Naboo. To evade detection, she and Anakin disguise themselves as a couple from the Thousand Moons system. Padmé dons the dress of a young matron from that system, complete with a veil to further disguise her. Upon safely arriving at Naboo, Padmé's safety is more assured, and she is able to remove the veil, revealing an elaborate Naboo crest. The headress is made from Orichalc metal, and the Flower of Life emblem decorates the crest in a continuous pattern.
My View: I think it is an elegant gown. But I don't like the colors.

Return Home

In a cut scene from the movie, Padmé and Anakin return to Padmé's home where he meets her family. She wears a diaphanous, two piece ensemble with a soft cloak, quite different from her rigid political robes.
My View: This outfit shows too much stomach, but I LOVE the color!!!!!!!!! The fabric is also quite lovely. And the hair! Oh my goodness, I love her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish my hair would curl like that.

Villa Retreat

According to Trisha Biggar, George Lucas wanted a dress that "wasn't there" for Padmé and Anakin's first kiss. Dermot Power stated that they were going for a dress that looked as if it would fall off if one sneezed. They accomplished both with this diaphanous gown based loosely on airy ancient Egyptian designs. Made of bias-cut silk chiffon and sand-washed silk satin, the gown was ombré dyed dyed to create the striking rainbow effect. It starts as smoky lilac at the hem, and then moves through pinks and oranges until it reaches a pale yellow at the neck. The overdress is gathered at the hem, front and back by clasps made of vintage-beaded tassels and mother-of-pearl. Shell was also used for the collar and arm cuffs, which were created from hand-cut abalone shell pieces.
My View: When I first saw Attack of the Clones, I fell in love with this dress. But.................after looking more closely at the costume, my sister Aayla and I have decided it's not as beautiful as it once appeared. Our first vision of it made it look like it was sparkling. It's just kind of...........plain. But I love how the sleeves are big and flowly. And I like the gathered skirt.  I don't like the shell at the top; it's kind of ugly. I don't mind the low back; I wouldn't wear it, but it's not like a huge, "You're a bad person; you'll never make it to heaven" kind of thing. I love the hair, too.

The Meadow Picnic
While technically free to be herself at Varykino, Padmé still chooses to wear a traditional and symbolic gown for her picnic with Anakin. The richly embroidered gown conforms to the intricate dress code associated with the Naboo nobility, and her hair is done in a formal court style.
My View: This is probably one of my two favorite outfits from this dress.

Dinner with Anakin

While in hiding at Varykino, Padmé is determined to deny her feelings for Anakin and remain loyal to her job only. Yet when they are alone and Padmé can finally dress as an individual, she unconciously choses a dress that reveals her true feelings for the Jedi.
My View: I don't like this gown. I'm very much against any form of sleeveless tops or dresses. I don't even like her hair.

Nightgown and Robe
While sleeping at the retreat villa of Varykino, Padmé wears a light, strapless gown decorated with delicate embroidery. When she hears Anakin in the throes of a nightmare, she puts on a rich blue robe to go see him.
My View: I love the robe and the hair.

Tatooine Cloak
To aid Anakin in his search for his mother, Padmé returns to Tatooine, though she wears an dress quite different from the rough peasant outfit she wore on her last stay on the desert planet. The soft, two-piece dress has a beautifully embroidered back, and is set-off by an intricate metal headpiece. To remain anonymous while traveling through Mos Espa, Padmé wears a full-length, large-cowled cloak.
My View: I love the colors, and the scrolly design. But I am really wondering about the costume design department's sanity; who exposes their stomach on a desert planet?

Tatooine Blue Dress

While staying at the Lars homestead, Padmé forgoes her more formal gowns, opting instead to wear a more appropriate, casual ensemble. She wears a simple sky-blue dress with her long hair down. Over the dress, she dons a dark blue smock that was woven by a primitive culture she had visited. Highlighted by rainbow embroidery and tassels, the smock possessed a naive yet fresh quality that fit in in the deserts of Tatooine. Additionally, the smock's loose-fitting shape protected Padmé from the sand while still allowing her to remain cool.
My View: It's ugly. That's all I have to say.

Arena Outfit

Free of the constraints of a politician, Padmé can wear more practical clothing while on Geonosis. The white elastic bodysuit and simple looped hairstyle are low-maintenace, allowing Padmé to focus on negotiations at first and later on survival. And while her boots feature light shin armor and her utility belt carries extra energy magazines for her blaster, Padmé wears two silver bands on her arms that not only indicate her political service, but also her desire to find a peaceful solution through negotiation to the conflict on Geonosis.
My View: This outfit is way overused. I do like her hair.

The Wedding Dress
Returning to Naboo to secretly marry Anakin Skywalker, Padmé wears a beautiful yet relatively simple gown of beads and lace. The wedding, however, is an harbinger of disaster as Padmé and Anakin's marriage violates the sacred Jedi Oath.
My View: This is my other favorite dress from the movie. I love the sleeves. I want those sleeves. I also adore how this is so old-fashioned and girly. Padmé is defintely the most girly out of all three Star Wars heroines (Padmé, Leia, and Mara)

That's all that I've gotten for you this time, folks!


  1. I liked Padme's not-very-pilot-like hairdo. I still love Padme's first kiss dress. I loved Padme's robe-I heard its one of the hardest fan-made costumes to make! My favorite Padme dress of all time, however, was the one she was buried in.

  2. I love this review! I really enjoyed it! I thought her 'dinner with Anakin' dress was kinda icky. It looked best with the shaw on. I also LOVE her 'return home' dress!

    -Leia <3

  3. I loved this!!! I read it to my sister who liked the first one. She saw the Blue Tatooine dress and she said, "wow, that one's UGLY!!!" I laughed! My favorites were probably the Arena outfit, Villa Dress, Meadow Picnic, and Return Home. My sister's the same, except she also likes the Loyalist Committee outfit too.

  4. Errrrr, I dunno. I disagree with you on some of them.
    For example, i love love the pilot outfit, I'd totally wear it, I dunno why Ijust think its cool.
    And you know my opinion on the lake dress. I'm in love with it.
    and I also really love the Tatooine cloak and the return home. But thats just our different views coming out again.
    The wedding dress, ohhhhh soooooooooosooooooo beautiful. ^-^ And the meadow picnic is one of my favorites.


  5. I like the Return Home one! Just not how high up the shirt goes.....it's almost too high on the chest.
    I think I would like the Lake Dress more if it didn't have that collar.


  6. You're right - the blue one is ugly. Hands down...what were they thinking??

    I really like the stomach revealing costumes, but only because Natalie has such great abs. :-)

  7. I agree completely with you on the Star Pilot outfit. Why red pants? But my favorites are

    Loyalist Committee

    Return Home (Although it could do without SO much stomach.)

    Villa Retreat (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!)

    The Meadow Pinic

    Nightgown and Robe

    Tatooine Cloak (LOVE IT!)

    Arena Outfit


  8. Lol @Hendel D'bu xDD The abs is the reason that I won't be using that outfit for a cosplay until I have a somewhat worthy stomach. And its summer...


  9. My favorites are the pilot outfit and the arena outfit!
    ~Leia Organa Solo

  10. My favorite is the packing dress. The Loyalist Commettee is the second. I don't care for any of the others.

  11. Oh my god!!! Attack of the clones is my favorite!!! I love the
    Wedding dress, and the dinner with Anakin dress!!! But I have
    To disagree with you on one... THE RETURN
    HOME GOWN!! I love this!!! Complete awesomeness!!!

  12. I liked her pilot outfit (actually I wore a version of it to scholl last year 'cause i'm cool like that!) I love her "Loyalist Commitee" dress, and I really really want to make it to wear to a big banquet i'm going to in a couple years.


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