Friday, October 1, 2010

Qui-Gon Update #2! :D

THE FORUMS ARE UP!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD I've been waiting for this forever!!!!! Well. like a week. I was excited.
Anyway, find me! My username is: its_on_mars (don't ask xD) There are only 14 members at the moment, so go sign up so you can get your username of choice without anybody stealing it!

And, Padme shot her movie yesterday! So expect an update from her on that some time later!

My best friend, I'm gonna call her Alexander the Great (even though her name isn't alex, we just call her that. And she calls me the Almighty Jack, even though the only letter in the name jack thats in my name is a xD) is coming to visit me in WA this December! :DDD She's coming a day after my birthday (my birthday is the 28th) and she's staying till the 5th of January! The good part is that we dont' ahve to go to an annoying new years eve party my neighbor was throwing! We had to go last year, and it was...i mean it was crazy and repulsive. Obviously there was no alchohol and it was only girls, but still. They wrote all over her walls with glow in the dark paint. They would have been drunk and it would have made no difference. =.= Most. Repulsive. and. vulgar. party. EVER.

Its a new month! :D October, which MEANS, drumroll please! ONE MONTH TILL NANOWRIMO!
For those of you who don't know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It begins on the first of November, and ends on the 30th. Basically, in that time, you write a 50,000 word novel. Its a heck of alot harder than it sounds. Last year I finished on the 30th, 1 hour before the deadline (so at like 11) with 50,345 words. :DD This year, I'm gonna try for 75k! As one of my unnamed friends says, "NaNo is a whole MONTH of awesome and crazy shenanigans!" If you are intrested heres the link:

And AFTER that, I'm gonna take my novel, polish it up, and then send it in to the Scholastic Art and Writing awards! :DDD  And heres the link for that:

Hmm, I  can't think of any other updates...Oh yea, Halloween! Or Fall Festivle at your church if you don't do Halloween. What are you gonna dress up as if you dress up? And does your church have a fall festival? My old one did. I'd go there, and then make my rounds around the neighborhood with my pillow case to get all the good candy. My greatest concern is that I don't have anyone to trick or treat with! DDD:
I cant quite decide what I'm gonna be. Either a Hogwarts student (don't you judge me) or Giselle from Enchanted. :D




  1. ...What forums? o-o

  2. Her universe of course. We all know that here except you apparently. o-o


  3. Ahuh. Well, it was never specified, so I didn't know.

  4. Yea, that was my mistake.

  5. I'm going to be a Jedi Knight for Halloween. My sister is going to be a witch. My best friend is going to be a Jedi Knight with me!! Happy Halloween really early!
    Have fun writing


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