Saturday, October 23, 2010

Qui-Gon October Update

Here is my October update! Its a little early, but thats ok! I didn't post the Coruscant post on thursday because I was incredibly lazy and there believe me when I say theres ALOT of stuff about Coruscant. I'll be working on it, and it'll be up next Thursday! So, my updates are:

1. I got a 90 on my Biology test!!!! :DDD And then the other test I got a 71. ;-;
2. World-building (for my book) is going quite well. Sumara is now full of history.
3. I have a new church finally! Originally, we thought we had found one but we decided it wasn't the one for us, so we kept visiting others and we settled on this one!
5. (this one will only be exciting to me...) 28 days till Harry Potter! :DDDDDD (ok i'm done geeking out about that for now)
6. My dance studio got a new studio! :DD This is good because originally, they had two studios, but one of them got closed because they couldn't pay the taxes, so we were meeting at a church and the floors were TERRIBLE for our feet. Especially for contemperary because we don't wear any kind of shoes. Anyway, we got a new studio for the second location with REAL DANCE FLOORS. So thats good.

And thats about it for me in the month of October!



  1. Oh, it's good you found a church! Also about the dance studio! Am I the only person around that has never seen Harry Potter? :P

    -Leia <3

  2. Nope, I haven't seen Harry Potter. You're not the only one!
    I am working on the outline, Qui. Don't worry. **cough** book cover **cough**


  3. O.O I forgot about the book cover...I've been busier with my novel than I thought i would be..


  4. Sounds good Qui! have fun with your book, and cover. lol. Good for you about your dance studio. the floors are really important, I know, my studio's floors are pretty good but the other day I tripped while doing a turn because the floor was popped up. :/
    I haven't really seen Harry Potter either. Three of my friends are OBSESSED with it, so I've seen like two of the movies. I don't really care for it though, I much rather would watch SW. :D

  5. I love the Harry Potter movies! I can't wait for this new one!!

    Still need to read some of the books, though.

  6. Be sure to publish your book here when you're done! I'd love to read it. <3 Keep up the blog! Same here, Jedi~Chick.


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