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Naboo is a planet that is the homeland to some of our favorite characters in Star Wars: Padme Amidala, Jar Jar Binks, and then our not so favorite (Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.) The essence and beauty of the planet itself is captured in the prequels (namely Attack of the Clones.) Its romantic atmosphere seemed to fuel the love residing in Anakin and Padme, giving them the chance to change the fate of the galaxy. If they weren’t on Naboo, would it have happened? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll never know.
     It is believed (but not known) that the Gungan were the indigenous people of Naboo. We do know, however, that around 7,000 BBY, an alien people, called the Elders, had colonized Naboo and were now at war with the Gungans who were forced underwater.  The Elders reign ended in 5,032 BBY, but despite that, the Gungans remained in underwater.
     Nearing the end of the Sith Civil war, human colonization on Naboo began when it was discovered by the republic. For about 5 decades after that, the planet was inhabited by big game hunters who went after the veermoks. Around 3,900 BBY, refugees fleeing a violent revolution on Grizmolt came to Naboo and settled there. There were some conflicts between the humans and the Gungans due to culture differences, but they were at peace for a while. It wasn’t until 150 BBY that the differences and prejudices were pushed to their limits. The Gugan-Naboo war lasted until 121 BBY and during the conflicts the ruler of Naboo died. From that point on, the position was an elected one.
     Palpatine was born in 82 BBY, and although it is not known exactly when, he became a Sith Lord. He was Supreme Chancellor for a time, and eventually overthrew the Republic.
     One of the more liked characters, Padme Naberrie (who later took on the formal name of Padme Amidala) was born on Naboo in 46 BBY. She became queen in 33BBY and ruled until 25 BBY. She became Queen when the king before her was assassinated.
     Once Amidala was in power, she opened negotiations with the Trade Federation, who was outraged by Naboo’s resistance and soon launched an invasion on Naboo. Amidala refused to fight back, or take any actions that could cause war, and the citizens and government of Naboo were captured and imprisoned in detention camps. With the help of two Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala was rescued and traveled to personally plead for aid from the Galactic Senate.  The visit being unsuccessful, Padme returned to her home planet to lead a resistance herself. The Gungans agreed to an alliance with the people of Naboo and they fought long and hard. The battle was eventually won when young Anakin Skywalker accidentally blew up a droid control ship (the Federations main source of power.)
     During the Clone Wars, Naboo slowly deteriorated from its majestic state. The fighting and the war took a toll on the planet just like most of the planets in the Galaxy. After the Republic was overthrown, Naboo stayed in its sad state. 
     In the early years of the Empire, Queen Apailana secretly hid Jedi who had survived Order 66. She was found out and Apailana and the Jedi’s she was hiding were killed. The Empire replaced her with Kylantha, whom they thought wouldn’t cause any problems and would remain loyal to the Empire. She investigated the death of her predecessor and found out that the Empire had a hand in it. Therefore, when the Empire fell, Naboo gladly joined the New Republic.  
     Naboo, like any other planet, had its hard times and its good times. It produced two of the most influential people in the galaxy. Its romantic atmosphere helped bring together two secret lovers. Naboo truly is a wonderful planet. 

This post wasn't quite as good as the Tatooine one in my opinion. The Wookieepedia article wasn't very clear on somethings, as in who won the Gungan-Naboo war? And plus, Naboo has alot of history and I didn't want my post to be too lengthy, so I shortened it. Coruscant will probably be next! 



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