Sunday, October 3, 2010

Qui-Gon Update #3!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The NaNoWriMo forums were reset on Friday! :DDDD They're so nice and pretty and clean and new!!!! I'm already becoming a forum stalker! I even found a thread of Christian Teens debating on stuffs! So thats fun. And I found a thread for nerds and weirdos. :3 *is also part of that thread*
Man for something that hasn't even started yet, it still consumes so much of my time!!!

Anyway, on to the updates:

1.) STAR WARS 3D!!!!!!!!!! And I know most of you have already heard of that, But I just wanted to emphasize how excited I was about that.
2.) I know what I'm getting for christmas! A Wacom tablet! :DDD
3.) And I drew a bird-kid. Here she is. :3 Its me with longer hair...and wings. I cut my hair really really short in February and before that it was pretty long. I'm growing it out again.

I also drew Queen Amidala! Well, sketched it. So its kinda simple. 

What do ya think? Lemme know! :DD Thats the end of the updates I think! MTFBWY!



  1. Oooo! I love Padme pictures! I have some myself. Impressive....... Most impressive. ;D


  2. Yes! the art work is beautiful!! I just drew an Ahsoka picture while my mom read us some school. Impressive, most impressive indeed! :)


  3. Thanks. :3 And omg, i drew the Amidala while my mom was going over history with me! :D *never pays attention to that kind of stuff* I'm so lucky i'm not in public school, or I'd fail...Well, I mean thats why I was taken out of public school cause I was failing. >.>
    But now I have an average of A's and B's. :DD


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