Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Padmé's Pet Peeves

I apologize for the mess up at the bottom........computers can be so annoying at times.......
1. My sister leaving the bathroom towel on the counter instead of hanging it up
I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does.
2. When people (girls, mostly) get all disgusted about pink.
Yes, I realize that not everyone likes the same color, but you don't have to hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Guys who are around the same age as I am, but act like my brother.
Would you like to come to my drama class?
4. The heat.
I'm moving to the Arctic when I'm old enough.
5. The lack of modest dresses in the stores.
I am so not wearing a strapless dress. I don't care if there's something over it, I'm not wearing one of those. I'm not going to continually pull my dress up, putting my hands there, and having guys stare at somewhere where they shouldn't be looking. Oh, and the dresses are WAY too short.
6. Peace signs on EVERYTHING.
Peace is good, but God's peace, not the Hippie Peace.
7. Misspelled words.
Maybe it's just because I'm a naturally good speller.
8. People not knowing the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.
It's really simple!!!!!!!!
9. Texting.
Really, people? You could talk to the person standing a few feet away from you with your mouth, not your thumbs, you know.
10. Smoking in public.
We would like to breathe unpolluted air, please.
11. Obsessions with caring for "Mother Nature"
Really, people? You smoke, yet want to take care of the earth?
12. Rivalries between colleges.
Let's all be one big happy family and not fight!
13. Rivalries between high schools.
Who cares which school has the better band?
14. Those who think homeschoolers never leave their homes.
I have spent most of last week out of my home. I do believe I have left it plenty of times.
15. Anti-readers.
Reading books is FUN, people!!!!!!! FUN! Why don't you try it?
16. Girls who can't stand skirts.
Skirts are beautiful. They're feminine. They're amazing. You'll get a gentleman for your husband easier. Just kidding about the last one.........Am I?
17. Annoying, unnecessary noises.
They mess with my head.
This is MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19. Dog earing pages.


  1. 3. AMEN. o-o
    5. I don't mind strapless dresses so much as long as I have something like a wrap over it. But thats just me.
    17. AGREED
    19. That is just cruel.


  2. 2. AGREED!
    5. BIG time agree!
    11. YES!
    14. Arg. Agree!
    16. Yes especially since I wear skirts most of the time. I do wear shorts some though, but they are the long kind.

    -Leia :D

  3. 1 OMGoodness my sister does this all the time!! My dad used to put it on her pillow so it would smell when she left it somewhere. (He stopped!)
    4 Urg. I live in Dagoine. Mix Tatooine and Dagaobah and you got my house!
    5 YES!!! Just at the mall and i had to close my eyes as I walked past some of the window displays.
    6 A friend of mine is so obsessed with these... Kind of annoying
    10 Gross
    11 Being Green is getting really old. I mean, we can take care of the earth but it's GODS earth not ours.
    14 My goodness! That sooooo bugs me! I'm out of the house so much that I only have the weekends free. sometimes not even then!
    15 I LOVE to read!! I had to stop myself last night at 2 am so I could sleep. Otherwise I would've finished the book
    16 I wear skirts all the time, better yet, my mom makes them
    18 MURDER!!!!!!! MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. 5. Seriously, these clothing companies need to get better taste. I can't find anything to wear that i like these days.
    6. I agree. Peace signs are really annoying.
    10. Me too. I can't stand it.
    15. Yes. I love to read.
    18. AMEN.


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