Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Books vs. E-books

In the old days, everyone had books. Now, a lot of people are switching over to e-books. Why? There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both.
Oh, and this does relate to both Star Wars and Acting. There are numerous Star Wars books and actors sometimes perform plays based off of books.
This post was also inspired by Star Wars. My pastor has recently switched over to Star Wars e-books, and guess who gets all of his Star Wars books tonight? :D I believe I will now have more Star Wars books than Luke. **evil laughter** :P Love you, BBF!

These following pros and cons are from the magazine God's World News. This issue was February 2010. (Some of them are mine.........)

Pros for the e-book:
  • You don't have to wait to go to the library or bookstore to get a new book. You can download it from the comfort of your own home.
  • An e-book reader takes up less space than a book.
  • Your new e-book library may be bigger than your public library.
Cons for the e-book:
  • What if your battery's gone and you have to get that book finished for school? Now what are you going to do?
  • No matter how many e-books you have, they still won't be heavy enough to press your leaf collection.
  • Imagine the homeless bookworm population.
  • Bookshelves-R-Us may as well be selling firewood.
  • A boy looks foolish enough offering to carry a girl's e-books for her.
  • What will you do with that nifty souvenir bookmark with the gold tassle?
  • E-books are sort of an expensive way to prop up a wobbly table leg.....CRUNCH!
  • You can't hide your birthday money inside an e-book.
  • How do I get the author to autograph my e-book?
  • Don't try to mark your place by folding the corner of a page in your e-book.....CRACK!
  • "Uh, oh, I lost my library book," becomes, "Uh, oh. I lost my library!" (That would totally be me. I usually lose at least one of the many books I read at one time daily. That sentence makes absolutely no sense except to me.)
  • You can't build strong muscles carrying boxes of e-books when you move. (Or when Mom gets home from the library, as what happens to me. I've got arm muscles.)
  • Don't you love the smell of old books? There is no such thing as old e-books, and they just smell like plastic.
  • With a regular book, you never have to get your brother to help you load the latest software update.
  • You can't have fun making the cat jump by slamming your e-book shut.
Pros for the book:
  • Look at the cons for the e-book. That sums it all up.
  • I have nothing to replace my bookshelf with. I seriously can't think of what else I'd put in my room.
Cons for the book:
  • School life would be so much easier if you had only an e-book. You probably wouldn't need any supplies other than the reader. Backpacks would go out of use. You'll tell your kids, "I remember when we had things we carried millions of books around called backpacks." The kids give you incredulous looks. "Dark Ages!" Yeah.........
  • More space in your house.

~Padmé Amidala Skywalker

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  1. I may as well add some cons to the list of e-book cons. Or, at least one or two.

    1. The reader costs money

    2. The books you download onto your readerr cost money.

    You could always just go to your local library and pick up some books. And unless you turn them in late, it won't cost a thing.


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