Friday, August 20, 2010

Padmé's Introduction

Hello! :) I am Padmé Amidala Skywalker.......the other half of this blogging endeavor.

I am a fifteen-year-old homeschooled sophomore. I am probably the most girliest of all girly-girls you will meet......although that may come as a surprise, seeing as how this blog is titled A Lightsaber and a Script. What? A girl liking Star Wars? What's up with that?
I'm here to tell you that Star Wars isn't just for boys! Most of my friends like Star Wars, even though I'm probably the one who is most a fan. We'll talk more about this later! ;)

I aspire to be an actress to be when I get older, and I'm going to start my seventh semester of drama in a few weeks. I cannot wait! I'm sure I'll have entertaining stories--because drama is the place where things happen!

I have so many great ideas for posts, but now is not the time or place. Be looking for more great posts from both Qui-Gon and myself! We love having followers, and right now we have none. :( Make us happy, please!

~Padmé Amidala Skywalker


  1. Hi! Great job Padme' and Qui-Gon!I would totally join (even though, I cannot act cause I would pass out on stage) if only I knew how!
    Please let me know how to join as soon as possible!

    ~Luke Skywalker

  2. Love the blog, Padmé and Qui-Gon!

    ~Leia Organa Solo


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