Monday, August 23, 2010

Her Universe

Okay, girls, who is tired of going to the boys' section and buying Star Wars shirts, that, to be honest, don't really fit? I know I am!

Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahoska Tano in the TV series Star Wars the Clone Wars, has decided to step up and design Star Wars clothes and accessories made specifically for fangirls! Her new clothing line is called Her Universe, and is available now online!

The website is

This is the current list of items that are being sold now, their current price, and my opinion of them......

  • Star Wars Burnout-$30. I personally think this shirt is a great female makeover of the Star Wars logo. I want it for Christmas. :) My good friend Luke Skywalker has this shirt, and it is super soft!!!
  • Plo Koon and Ahsoka-$35. This shirt was designed by Clone Wars director Dave Filoni, and it is a cute shirt. I would probably get it if it had Anakin instead of Plo Koon. It is a neckline, so you might have to put a tee underneath it.
  • Padmé Nouveau-$30. Ahhhh!!!!! My favorite shirt, and the one that I own! :) It is a beautiful crimson, and it has a large picture of Padmé on it, and she's surrounded by her family, friends, and other meaningful Star Wars icons (such as the Millennium Falcon and the Lars homestead).
  • Luke Skywalker-$30. A humengous picture of Luke Skywalker from Empire is plastered over this shirt, which you can get in white or gray. I want the white version, though this is probably the last thing on my list.
  • Daddy's Little Girl-$35. This purple shirt was designed by Katie Cook. It showcases Leia and Vader. It's a cute idea, but it goes against my belief about the whole personage of Anakin and Vader and their respective roles in the lives of the twins.
  • Ahsoka Chibi-$30. This is such a cute shirt, perfect for the Padawans! On the front it says, "I am a Jedi Knight." On the back, "Or soon will be." Sadly, I don't look good in the colors of the shirt. I'm trying to convince my little sister to get this one.
  • Empire Strikes Back Thermal Hoodie-$40. It has a big picture of Vader and shiny stars on the front of it. It helps commerate the 30th anniversary of Empire, which was in May.
  • Empire Strikes Back Long Sleeve-$40. Pretty much the hoodie, but less warm.
  • "I Know"-$35. Designed by Cat Staggs. It has Han kissing Leia before he gets frozen in carbonite, and it features swirls and the words, "I Know". Meaningful words if you've seen the movie. :) I want this shirt. It matches my romantic, girly style.
  • Star Wars Hoodie-$50. It has a small verison of Vader on the front, and Star Wars on the back with manga drawings inside the letters. I would probably get this if it wasn't manga, and if the words, "May the Force be with you" were not placed where they are on the hoodie.
  • Rebel Alliance Necklace-$30. You can get this lovely necklace in either black or red. It has the symbol of the Rebel Alliance (!!!!!) on one side, and the other side says, "May The Force Be With You....Always". I want it in black.  I will admit that I thought it was a little big.
Wow! That has turned into a long post again! Christmas can not come soon enough for me!

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  1. It has always been my opinion that Leia was stronger in the force than Luke. She was able to hide herself from everyone until Yoda outed her and Luke couldn't keep his thoughts to himself. Dark Empire proved it for me when (redacted for spoilers) tried to turn her. She truly was Daddy's Little Girl.

  2. That's an interesting view, Olivia. I've never thought about that before. It does make a lot of sense, though. I've kind of seen Luke as a Mommy's Boy, so having Leia be stronger like her father does work.
    Well, now I have more to contemplate as I continue to write. :)


  3. I have the Star Wars burnout and love it. Although you have to wear a t-shirt underneath it, because the words are burnt out. I also have the Plo Koon and Ahsoka. It is low, but really comfortable and long. And then I have the Padme shirt. It's my favorite! I don't have to wear anything under it, and the color compliments me.

    P.S. I love the picture of the day with Queen Amidala. Where did you find it?

  4. Oh, I found it. :)

  5. Hmm, Olivia thats actually a really good point.
    Of course, for a while I never really thought about the importance of being force sensitive if you weren't a Jedi, but my role playing group (we are doing a star wars RP at the moment) proves it very useful. As does Leia.


  6. Oh, I agree with Olivia. Leia seems stronger then Luke.

  7. I think it's all over-priced. I mean, I can go down to a local comic shop and pick up a generic Star Wars T-shirt (designed for a guy, of course) for less than $20. While I'm thankful that SOMEBODY started designing apparel for the fangirls we all know exist (because we 'happen' to be in that number), I'm not sure that I want to fork out $30 for a top and $50 for a hoodie. It's an outrageous price that needs to be brought down a bit.

    Just my two cents... and, yes, canonically speaking, Leia is stronger in the Force than Luke. Ain't it great? xD

  8. I do agree about the prices. I have not purchased anything from them, because I really have other things to spend 30 bucks on. Hot Topic actually has a ESB t-shirt for girls that I really want and its only 15.
    But yea, maybe thats just me. The shirts are nice to look at, and I would like to own them, but I would not pay for them myself. Christmas would be a wonderful time to get them though. :3


  9. Okay, I must get involved. :P
    I do agree that they are a bit steep. I don't like paying a lot for my clothes. But, I do pay for the Her Universe clothes. Yes, I could go to the guys section and get a shirt, but they won't have the kind of girly hint I see in some of the Her Universe ones. You would not find anything with Padmé on them in the boys section, and seeing as how she's my favorite, I want stuff with her.
    The hoodies are way too expensive in my opinion, and, although I need a hoodie, I'm not going to get a HU one unless they make a Naboo or Jedi one.

    That's my opinion. Not necessarily Qui's, as seen above. ;)


  10. Yeah, also right now it's pretty cool for a girl to be seen in a Her Universe shirt, so it's almost worth the $30 to be seen in such a cool line of clothes. I also agree that the hoodies are WAY overpriced. I would love to get the Vader hoodie, but no way am going to pay $40-$50 for one of those hoodies.


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