Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dream

The Dream-Gilbert Morris

Lanie Freeman had to grow up fast. Her mother died when she was just fourteen and now her father is in prison. The oldest of five children, seventeen-year-old Lanie has transformed into a surrogate mother....and a beautiful young woman. Not only must she keep her family together, but lately she has drawn the attention of Roger Langley, son of the richest man in town.
Tensions run deep between the Freemans and the Langleys. And on top of it all, Louise Langley accuses Lanie of trying to snatch away her handsome fiancé, Dr. Owen Merrit. Dr. Merrit has long helped out the Freeman children, but Lanie isn't sure he even notices that she's no longer a child.
Then Fairhope is thrown into chaos when the new preacher arrives-wearing blue jeans and riding a motorcycle. In only a month, dashing Brother Colin Ryan shakes the entire town to the core of their beliefs.
With the town embattled over the preacher, her family struggling to survive, and her own heart in turmoil, Lanie seeks solace in her writing. She pours out her heart to God, trusting His promises. But when things fall apart at every turn, will Lanie continue to trust?
The Dream continues the inspiring saga of one woman's struggle to hold together her family and follow her dreams in the midst of America's darkest hour.

First Impressions:
I was really excited to begin it, as I had enjoyed the first book very much.

I identify with Lanie very easily
It's a historical romance novel. What's not to like?
It comes from a Christian worldview
There are many hilarious characters, such as Lanie's younger brother Cody

The love triangles are a bit much. We could get to the weddings a little faster. At least I think they're triangles. They could be a more complex shape. Who knows?

Overall Opinion:
I really liked it. A lot.

For possible suspensful moments for younger readers, and the romance idea itself. Nothing very horrible.....just kisses, hugs, and looks. LOL. I'm thinking about Anakin right now. Sorry, y'all just have to live with me. :)

Recommend It?
Yes, I do.

~Padmé Amidala Skywalker

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