Friday, September 10, 2010

"Then the Emperor has already won"

No, not really. But if you think about it, if we give in to temptation, it's like giving satan a foothold, and he's like Palpatine in SW. We need to remain strong in our beliefs, and not let anyone sway you. Being worried about something is defintely a good way to give him a foothold. I speak from personal experience.
Oh, and Han is definely cuter than Luke. I just thought I'd throw that out there. I'm watching Return of the Jedi while I talk. I had wanted to watch Attack of the Clones, but I'm babysitting, so we're watching this one. Anakin still wins though, hands down.
Speaking of Return of the Jedi, I actually started crying while watching the movie. When Yoda dies, I always before got sad, but this time, the tears fell. I had to get an e-hug from my best friend to make me feel kind of better. I wish it had been a real one. :(
Okay, Luke looks kind of cute in that scene.
I was outside all day today. Luke and I went to a spray park with our families. It was hot, but then it was cold in the water. It started raining, and I wasn't sure at first if it was rain or it was just spray. We took a really CUTE picture, and I would show you, but then you'd know who my best friend and I are, and that wouldn't be good.
I promise to get up my post on Obi and Padme tomorrow. I would do it tonight, but I need the other compter, and then I'd miss Return of the Jedi. We're chasing speeder bikes at the moment.
It's only seven more days until Clone Wars Season 3 begins! My siblings and I are eagerly counting down the days.
Do y'all want to know more about me?
I am the oldest of four kids, and I've been homeschooled my entire life. I live in one of the best states of the US, and it's really hot!
My family loves going to Disney World. We've been 6 times in the past 10 years.
My sisters and I love wearing skirts and dresses. We will wear pants, but my sister Nut (her special name) and I especially love skirts. Our sister, Aayla, is more of a tomboyish person.
My favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. Well, that's all I shall reveal about myself now.
I desperately want Christmas to come so that I can get more Her Universe stuff. I'm going to create a poll, so please, vote!!!!! Thanks! :D

Till next time,
~padme amidala skywalker


  1. You sound like me. I wear mostly skirts too. I can't wait till season three of TCW!!!!!!

  2. *sigh* I want Christmas to come just because i LOVEEEEEEE christmas!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD And so that I can get a Luke shirt. I really really hope that they are still there by then.


  3. I want one of those shirts so BAD!!! They're awesome!!!!

    ~Lika A.

  4. You sound alot like me too!! I love her universe and that's what I'm asking for for Christmas and My B-Day.


  5. I can't wait to see Ashley's next batch of Her Universe stuff. :D

    -Leia Skywalker

  6. I've heard that in the next batch there's going to be a japor snippet.


  7. WHAT?!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! That's awsome!!!!!!!! Totally cool! I bet if she does make one that it will cost a whole lot though. LOL



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