Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Talk like Yoda, You must.

Hi guys, Qui-Gon here!
I'm having a serious problem!!!! I am having problems talking like yoda. >.<
In my story with Kade, there's a conversation between Mace and Yoda. That's really the only time Yoda shows up, but I cannot get it DOWN! I dunno what's so hard about talking like him!!!
Any suggestions!
Thankyou my faithful readers and MTFBWY!



  1. You need Luke. Email Luke.


  2. Quite hard, it is, talking like Yoda. Watching movies, I suggest. Get the feel of it, you must.

    ~Lika A.

  3. Ok, i'm gonna go e-mail Luke and see if she can help me!


  4. Agree with Lika A. I do, movies, help you they will. Speaking backwards, a challenge it can be.
    The Force will be with You,

  5. Try spliting the sentences in half. Like this.

    1. The cat ran over the hill.

    2. (Yoda) Over the hill, the cat ran.

    - Leia

  6. Hmm that works, thanks Leia! :D


  7. You could try, it has a generator where you can input whatever you want Yoda to say and have it "Yoderized". I usually modify what they give me a bit if something seems awkward. It's pretty fun and a great place to waste time, too. :)


  8. For Yoda, instead of 'You must go', it is 'Go, you must.' Instead of 'You can help them,' it is 'Help them, you can'. The whole idea of writing sentences 'backwards' is hard to grasp. Notice how Yoda usually puts verbs first, before the subject and other nouns and linking verbs. Try finding the main verb of the sentence and moving it to the front of the sentence.
    Normal: 'You must face Darth Vader.' Yoda: 'Face Darth Vader, you must.'
    Notice how 'face' is the main verb, thus it comes first in the sentence.
    Now in sentences where the verb does come first or follows the first word of the sentence, the rules have to be changed.
    Normal: "We are the last of the Jedi."
    Yoda: "The last of the Jedi, we are."
    Sometimes you just have to play with it until it sounds right, if certain rules don't apply.


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