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Untitled Novel Summary and Chapter 2

Hey guys! Its Qui-Gon!!!!
So! I"ve come up with a more broad summary of the novel. Not /that/ much better, but a little.
We have two main characters, and the story alternates perspectives. The two characters are Margie Russo (you already saw her chapter) and Narcissa Elle. Margie is a Star Wars fan and Narcissa a Star Trek fan. When they cross paths at school and become friends, neither tells the other about their obsession. But when they finally find out, Margie is horrified that she made friends with a Star Trek fan. Narcissa however, is neutral to star wars, and doesn't seem to see the big deal about it. Margie sees it as going against "the unwritten part of the Jedi code."
....And then we'll see what happens after that.
**Note: I changed the way Margie looks, so in this second chapter it describes her differently than in the first.

The Star Trek theme blasted in my ear and I was torn from my dreams of my future handsome klingon husband.
Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I sat up and groaned. School in a new town, a hick town at that. And just to make it worse, it’s a Louisiana hick town.
I brushed my blonde hair out of my eyes and stared at the clock.
“Holy crap!” I yelled.
It was 7 o’clock, and school started in 45 minutes. Not nearly enough time for me to get ready, get to school, find my locker and my classes.
I leapt out of bed and threw on the clothing I’d laid out the night before. After yanking the brush through the entangled mess that was my hair, I quickly put on makeup, grabbed my favorite hat (a fedora), and my school bag and was out the door.
As soon as I was in my truck, I burnt my butt on the hot as hell leather seat. I jammed the key into the ignition and the engine roared to life.
I often thought that my truck was the only thing that truly belonged in this town. It was huge, ate diesel in a way that would get me shot by any passing hippie, and it was red. I loved it.
McKinlee High had a student population of 428. Its rooster mascot was proudly displayed on every surface you could possibly put a giant ridiculous looking rooster.
Once inside the building, I immediately began to hate it.
The halls were infested with “normal” people. When I say normal, I’m talking about fake blondes, pin straight hair, clothes from stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. They were all super tan too. To me, this was the worst, since I’m as white as a vampire.
I’m not even being stereotypical and I’m not over exaggerating. Every student in that hallway looked all the same.
At any moment, I expected the devil to walk up and say, “Welcome to hell, have a terrible day.”
As I walked down the hall towards the office, everyone stared at me as if I was from another planet. I guess I look like I was to them. For starters, I’m 5’ 11”. Yes, I do have problems getting a boyfriend because of that. Second, my hair is white blonde (naturally) and so long it comes down to my lower back. Also, it’s curly, and in this world of straight haired teenagers, that is weird. So, you can imagine a girl like me would defiantly draw attention.
Once I got my schedule, I found my way to homeroom (an easy feat, believe me.) After sitting through the amazingly boring homeroom, I got up and left class without another word.  
The rest of my day went without event. In class, I seemed to be the only one who paid any attention, and everyone else who was called on was giving idiotic and completely wrong answers. Each time one of them opened their mouths to speak I rolled my eyes and prepared for something stupid.
No one bothered to talk to me, and I ate lunch outside on the dead grass under a half dead tree. I suppose I was being unsocial, but I didn’t really want to socialize with anyone here. 
This went on for about 2 weeks, and by the end I was pulling my hair out, and ready to move on.
One day I was walking out of home room complaining to myself about chemistry when I heard a voice cut in beside me, “Tell me about it.”
 I jumped out of my skin and looked to the voice. I actually had to look down. Standing next to me, was perhaps the smallest highschooler I’d ever seen. I would be amazed if she was taller than 5 feet!
She looked up at me and said, “See you’re new this year….You don’t look like the other girls here. When’s your lunch period? Mine’s 5th hour. We should sit together.”
I stared at her, probably bug eyed. She looked strange, which is a good thing in my book, and I had no one to talk to anyway, so I said, “Uhh, yea same here…”
She nodded, “Cool. I’ll see you there. I normally sit on the corner table by the west window.”
And with that she walked away, cool as a cucumber.
“What the heck…that was so weird….” I said to myself as I hurried off in the other direction towards chemistry.
The rest of the morning leading up to lunch was uneventful and I only saw the strange girl once in the halls, moving slowly and watching everything around her. It was as if she didn’t want to miss any details of the hallway or the people in it.
When lunch finally rolled around I was kind of nervous. Why did she want to sit with me?
After I grabbed my food (a very greasy slice of pizza), I looked for the table she said she sat at. I found it and strolled over to where the girl was sitting eating a salad absent mindedly.
When I sat down across from her, I noted that no one else was at the table.
She eyed me and was silent for a couple awkward moments. “Normally the first person to sit down should be the one to introduce them.” She said out of the blue.
She caught me off guard and I stumbled around with my words, “Uhm….Oh sorry…I’m Narcissa…Narcissa Elle.” I stuck out my hand to shake hers.
“Narcissa, Narcissa. Means ‘self-love.’ Are you in love with yourself?” She asked with a straight face.
“What-I-uh…No..Not particularly…uhhh…” I replied, flustered.
She was silent and took a couple more bites of salad. Then she stuck out her hand to shake my still outstretched one.
“I’m Margie Russo.”
All I could manage was a limp handshake before going back to my pizza.
“So, Narcissa. What are your views on the people that go to this school?” She continued.
This seemed an odd question, but I decided to answer her. She was, after all, the only person to talk to me today.
“Well…I think they are all incredibly shallow, they do not value knowledge, and they are all going to grow up to be stupid, orange tanned, nobodies or bad reality show TV hosts.”
“Interesting…” Margie chewed on her plastic fork and her eyes got a faraway look, as if she was deep in thought.
I took this time to study her more. She really was very short, and her face had pixie like features; a small pointed nose, high cheek bones. She had super short boy hair that, if styled, could probably look very chic. Her rectangular glasses seemed a little too large for her face and they kept sliding down her nose.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she sprouted wings and flew away to fairy land. Then all of a sudden, her face broke into a huge grin.
“I’ve never thought about that last one, but now that I do think about it, you are so right!”
I raised an eye brow at her and then I smiled slightly too, “So you agree with me…Nice to know there’s someone at least slightly intelligent here.”
Margie, who was all smiles now, then began flooding me with questions: Where am I from? Did I just move to Crowley? How do I like it? What kinds of grades do I get?
“Well…I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I just moved here about a month ago. And…well I hate it personally. It’s tiny and hot. And although there is grass, it’s all dead.” I didn’t answer the grades part, and I hoped she let it go.
Thankfully, she did.
“Wow…Chicago.” Her eyes widened, “Big transition much?”
I nodded and wiped my now greasy fingers off on a napkin. “Yup. It was hard…I had to leave a lot of my friends.” And my work. But, that I didn’t mention either.
“Hm. Well, I’ll be honest with you, I’m excited that you’re here. See, in case you haven’t noticed, I have no friends of my own. So, I’m kind of a loner. But I don’t like making friends with idiots, so I guess that’s why.” She said casually.
The smile on my face got wider, but I didn’t say anything.
She took a sip of her water and didn’t speak for a minute, “Hey, do you want to come over and work on English home work and then hang out? My family owns a pizza place, so we can have all the pizza we want. It’s authentic too! My dad was Italian and my mom Cajun. Weird combo, huh?”
I noticed that she said, “My dad /was./” Was her dad alive? I decided not to mention it. Not something you talk about with a person you just met.
I nodded my head, “Sure…Is it called Russo’s?” I’d seen that place several times on the drive back from school.
“That’s the one!” she said cheerfully. “See you there!” And with that she picked up her tray and walked away.
I stared after her, half joyful and half bewildered. “Well…this should get interesting.” 

Kirk or Luke? Gotta go with LUKE DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LUKE! :D
    Well, actually my true leanings aren't an option on here. :D
    One question: how old are Narcissa and Margie?


  2. They are both 16 going on 17. Just entering 11th grade. :)
    TEAM HAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You know, you (the readers) don't really know us. It has occurred to me that Qui-Gon and I could really be the same person, acting as two completely opposite people. **raises eyebrows** It takes skill, you know.

    ~Padmé :D

  4. Luke's cute but Captain Kirk is handsome in the newer star treks!


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