Thursday, September 9, 2010

Qui-Gon Update!

Hiya guys! It's Qui-Gon!
Just a quick update!!!

#1: I'm writing a short story starring Kade and the Jedi council, just giving you some background.

#2: I'm also working on the "If Qui-Gon Lived." This will probably end up being pretty long, and might take me a while, since it would change so much.

#3: Uhhhh...What was the next one......OH YEA! Upcoming monologue: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Thats it! MTFBWY



  1. Questions...

    #1. About when will the Kade story be done??

    #2. When will the 'If Qui-Gon Lived' story be done?

    #3. Isn't My Big Fat Greek Wedding a movie? (And isn't it rated, like, R or something?!)

    #4. What the heck does MTFBWY mean?!?!

    That's about it!


  2. MTFBWY=May The Force Be With You

    International acroynm. ;)


  3. #1: I Have no idea
    #2: I have no idea (As you can see, I don't do deadlines)
    #3: Pfft no. Its not even PG-13 I think. But yes, it is from a movie, one of my favorite movies of all time.

    #4: Well Padme' already took care of that.


  4. thank you guys. I needed help there. Lol. :)


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