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Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala Love Story Conspiracy

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Yes, I am finally getting to this post! I am determined to put it on the blog before I go and watch Attack of the Clones. Woah, had to check there to make sure I didn't say, Attack of the Chores. It's Saturday, you know. ;)

The Conspiracy itself........some people say that Obi-Wan and Padmé were in love with each other, and Obi-Wan was just pretending to be unattached to anyone or anything other than the Jedi Order. Perhaps Padmé didn't really love Anakin, and she only married him to get closer to Obi-Wan.

Some say that Obi-Wan kept his love a secret, not telling anyone; even Padmé was kept in the dark about his eternal love.

Even at the end, he kept his love a secret, knowing that she loved Anakin with all her heart.

But then we can't forget about Satine.....or Siri........
Who are they? They're Obi-Wan's first loves. Siri Tachi was a Padawan in training, just like Obi-Wan. They fell in love, but then they decided to break off their love for each other, hiding it, because it was forbidden to Jedi. Satine was the Duchess of Mandalore. She and Obi had met while they were both younger. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had been on a mission, and Obi-Wan told Satine later that, "If you had said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order."

And, of course, Padmé was desperately in love with Anakin Skywalker. Of course they were married.

If they were not in love, why would she have married him?

Of course, it's up to you to decide what you think for yourself. I have my view, and that may not necessarily be the same for all.

~Padmé Amidala SKYWALKER


  1. Good points, to all of this. I think that you're right, every step of the way. He did show fatherly affection for her, but I belive it might be more. I am ashamed that another Jedi would do such a thing, but I understand why. I'm praying that it goes no further than fatherly love. To lose him would be horrific for the Order.

    ~Lika A.

  2. I think Obi-Wan was more of a father than a distant lover.
    Just my oppion.

  3. I think that Padmé and Anakin were perfect for each other, and that they were made for each other. It was right for them to love each other, and wrong for the Order to forbid their love.
    I feel strongly about that.
    Anyways, I think that Obi loved her like a father, like I have him in my book.


  4. I don't think Padmé and Anakin should have married. It wasn't right, and it's what made Anakin leave the order. I think Anakin and Padmé and both awesome, but Anakin pledged himself to the Jedi Order, and he should have followed the Code.
    About Obi-Wan loving Padmé, I think it's possible...but maybe Obi-Wan decided not to tell Padmé that he loved her because he remembered what had happened between him and Siri, and he didn't want to experience that again.
    Just my thoughts! :-)

    ~Leia Organa Solo

  5. I agree with Leia. She has a point. Anakin did pledge himself, and then he turned. I think some of this might've been Padme's fault (No offense to anyone!!) I am not saying that Padme agreed with everything he was doing. I'm not saying she agreed with any of it. But I think Leia knows what she's talking about.

    ~Lika A.

  6. Good points, but I think it was more of a fatherly love too.
    Although, it does make for a good conspiracy theory!!!


  7. Personally, I think Anakin and Padme have always been together, right from the start. Obi-Wan is more of a friend/fatherly figure. Good points though!

  8. Obi-Wan may have loved Padme AS A FRIEND. Though I know there are some Obidala fans out there that think otherwise.

    -Leia Skywalker

  9. I'm on the fence on the matter. I think that Obi is better for Padme, much more stable, but I love the passion between Anakin and Padme. It's difficult to decide what my favorite is.


  10. Obi-Wan, under the teachings of Qui-Gon, who was taught by Dooku, who was taught by Yoda, has been mentored in a grey-jedi like manner. A way in which, while good, he's done some rather questionable things for a Jedi. Such as using his raw emotions and giving in to rage in his battle with Darth Maul, and his forbidden and nearly unheard of relationships. That said, while those things are wrong from the Orders perspective, they wrong in our eyes. Look at Luke, and his love. the rebuilt the Jedi Order, but allowed relationships, and nothing catastrophic came from it.

    Why say all this? Well, I feel you people are seeing Obi as a hermit, and good little boy who loved Padme as a father figure, etc. Well if you look at The Phantom Menace, the two look at each other quite often, in a sketchy way. They're only a few years apart, and both are relatively good looking. No matter what, hormones are hormones. Also, the fact that Anakin believes Obi-Wan to be with Padme in Revenge of the Sith is also a hint at something that could have been. Despite the fact that Anakin was heavily delusional and power drunk, and completely overwhelmed by his actions, he wasn't a COMPLETE idiot (close, though). So the fact that he thought there was something between them shows that there indeed might have been had certain things not happened (Anakin not become a jedi, Obi-Wan encountering Padme more often, etc), and that can't be any other character. While they obviously didn't have a romance going on, I feel that Obi would have been an amazing suitor for her, as opposed to Anakin despite what you think, they're chemistry was just off blame Lucas)). My two cents.

  11. Well, I'm a huge "Obidala" fan, so I really think they had something... Padme, actually, loved Obi-Wan, but thought he would never leave the Order for her. So, she just decided to give Anakin a chance. I don't like Anakin that much, and their love seem so forced... Sometimes, I wonder if he used Force-manipulation to make her believe she loved him. When the spell was gone, she realized she was in love with Obi-Wan... but then it was too late. Well, that's what I think, at least!!

    And Lucas himself admitted he wanted to make them have an affair. That's why I wonder...


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