Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kade Nabberie: The half trained padawan.

Hiya guys! Qui-Gon here!
So, I would like to introduce you to a special friend of mine. Kade Nabberie! Kade is currently a character of mine that I am role-playing with in a star wars RP.
Here's a little bit about her.

Kade Nabberie, Padme's younger sister, 19 years old, and hasn't even finished her Jedi training.
Her master was killed by Palpatine himself around a year ago. No one wants to train her, and she could never figure out why. So they dumped her back on Naboo where she "kept the peace."
When she accepted a mission in Mygeeto, she runs into serious trouble. Blaze, the only force sensitive clone around (and he also has as many feelings as normal humans, you could hardly tell he was a clone), leads her through Mygeeto to the mission, but they later find out its just a fake mission and its only purpose is to get the two killed. Someone wants them dead, and they have to find out why.

And that is the extent of our role play so far, and I must say it's pretty epic.

ANYWAY! I'm going to do the thing that Padme did, and ask you guys what you want me to write about!

~What would happen if Qui-Gon lived?

~Dance class

~More of the untitled book?

~Stories featuring Kade?

~More Advice with Qui-Gon Jinn (for that one, i need QUESTIONS!)

Take your pick! Please comment, the majority vote will be the one I do first!



PS: Please pray for Padme's dad!!!!!! AND If you would like to be sent an e-mail update everytime there is a new post, incase you don't have a blogger account, then e-mail me at amidala.jinn@gmail.com


  1. That sounds so cool Qui-Gon! I'd like to hear more about Kade and her story. Also the if Qui-Gon lived sounds cool too, I really liked the if Padme' lived one by padme'. I'll be praying for her dad...


  2. Thanks Jedi~Chick! :D I think I might do the if Qui-Gon lived one first.


  3. I is curious. Would the if Qui-Gon had lived be like a story, or like just a random post?


  4. It might be sorta like in essay format or it might be a story. Depends.


  5. I think more stories featuring Kade would attract the eye. Just saying. XDDD


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