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Update on my dad and new chapter of Suffering and Silence

Hello, Actors/Jedi! You all fit one of the two categories. Of course, you could be another Star Wars category, such as a bounty hunter or Imperial, but I prefer the Jedi. Then again, the Jedi Order had many issues. I'm digressing. Back to the subject at hand.

My dad is doing quite well. He was able to go back to work today. We should have news on Friday or Monday. Please continue to pray for no cancer to be found. Thanks!

Here is the second chapter of Suffering and Silence. I promise that I will get a post up on the Obi/Padmé love conspiracy soon. Also, if you have any more ideas for later posts, let me know. You can either comment or send us an email at


Bail Organa

Senator Bail Organa made the jump to lightspeed faster than he normally did. But then, he smiled to himself, he never was in such a hurry as he was today. He glanced back nervously to where a box stood in the main room of his ship. Never had his ship carried precious cargo other than important beings of the planet of Alderaan. But this was the most important cargo it would ever carry. Alderaan's princess was on board. Bail put the ship on autopilot, then walked out to the main room and knelt beside the box. He gently put his finger on the baby's pulse, putting his mind to rest. Leia's chest rose and fell with each tiny breath. He couldn't believe it. He had become a father in a few hours. Bail studied her. She looked like Padmé, her mother.
The alarm beeped in the cockpit, signifying they were coming out of hyperspace. Leia stirred, then fell quiet again. He hurried to his seat, then contacted the palace, informing the queen that he was coming. Under his skilled hands, the ship made a smooth transition from hyperspace to regular space. Bail checked his scanners carefully. This would be the time to attack now. But nothing happened. Bail hoped that they had moved fast, and the Emperor had no idea of the twins' birth.

The ship landed on the beautiful planet of Alderaan. The waterfalls sounded in the distance and the birds sang a bright, happy song. Bail frowned at them, wishing they were singing a sad song. This was supposed to be secret delivery to the queen and with the birds setting the scene wrong... But what was he thinking? He wasn't superstitious.

He hurried to the main room and picked up the baby nervously. “Don't you dare start crying now.” He told her sternly.

The Queen of Alderaan was sitting on the balcony of her private rooms, looking at the sunrise. She was deep in thought about the transmission she had received concerning the baby of people who were very important to the Republic. Bail hadn't told her any details, saying that he would explain all when he got home. His footstep echoed in the room behind her. She turned, noting in surprise that he was cradling something in his room. “My dear, I bring a daughter to you,” Bail said, as he handed her a baby. She gave a soft cry as she looked into the face of a dear baby. She had a little bit of brown hair crowning her head, a sweet little face, tiny eyelids shut in tender sleep, and a little red rosebud of a mouth. “She's darling, but,” she looked up into his face. “Why is she here with us? Whose child is she?”
“She's our daughter now.” Bail sat down beside her. “Her name's Leia.”
“Bail, you haven't answered my questions.”
“I answered one of them.”
“Well then, answer the other one. While you're doing that, you can tell me who her parents are.”
“Her mother is Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo and her father is Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.”
Queen Breha started. “I thought Jedi weren't allowed to have attachments.”
“They aren't, but Skywalker was never a proper Jedi. He and Senator Amidala got married right after the Clone Wars broke out.”
“You said was. What does that mean?”
“The Republic is no more. Chancellor Palpatine has declared an Empire, making himself Emperor. From what I understand, he is a Sith Lord.”
Breha gasped. “Democracy is no more than?”
Bail shook his head sadly. “Leia is our daughter now because Anakin Skywalker has died. He's a slave to Palpatine now. Senator Amidala has gone into hiding. Leia was placed under our care. We have a duty to take good care of her.”
Breha hugged Leia close to her. “We'll treat our like our own daughter. Welcome to Alderaan, daughter.”
“As I thought you would say, my wife.” Bail got up to leave. He smiled. “What a beautiful picture I'm looking at. A mother and daughter.”

Later that day, Queen Breha sat in her sitting room surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting. They were all adoring the baby princess, who was now dressed in a lavender dress.
“She's such a darling baby,” one lady remarked.
“The beauty of her people,” said another.
The queen smiled.
“Your Highness,” the queen's favorite handmaiden said. “Princess Leia will need an escort. Someone to grow up with. May I suggest my daughter, Winter? She's two years old now.”
Breha smiled. “That would be lovely.”
Leia opened her eyes. Everyone crowded around for a look at the awakened child. Breha called for Winter and Leia to be introduced. Young Winter was brought in, and she was placed next to Leia. Winter patted the baby's face, then smiled.

That evening, Bail Organa stood by a window, looking over the land of Alderaan. He was deep in thought. Already rumors of Palpatine's new order were coming in. They were not good news. Breha came to his side. “What it it, Bail?” she asked in a soft tone. “What troubles you?”
He smiled at her. “How do you know I am troubled?”
“From the way you stand and your facial expressions. You're not a Jedi, being able to hide your emotions.”
“I'm worried about the future of our galaxy and how that will effect our planet's role.”
“That's not all. You're also worried about Leia.”
He nodded. “Of course I'm worried. Not only do we have to protect her as our own daughter, we have a duty to her mother, who was and is a dear friend of mine.”
“She was important to the Senate, wasn't she?”
“And to the Republic.”
“I would have liked to meet her,” she sighed. “But that's impossible now.”
“It's too dangerous.”
“Leia's happy here.”
“Of course she's happy here. This is the only home she's ever known!”
“It's more than that...”
Bail smiled at his wife. “You mean, you're happy having her here. You've always wanted a daughter.”
Breha's cheeks grew rosy. “I've always dreamed of having a daughter to dress up and teach how to be a lady. I've had those dreams since I was a little girl. Now my dream's come true,” her face grew sad. “But wonder at what cost.”

They found out what the cost was soon enough. Palpatine had completely abolished all democracy in the galaxy. Everything was under his control.

Bail Organa and Queen Breha were sitting in Bail's office one cloudy morning; he was looking over papers and she was playing with baby Leia, who was laying in her arms. Breha looked up as Bail sighed. “What is it?”
“It says here in this letter from the Empire, 'You have been requested to be a Senator in the Imperial Senate. It is an honor to be asked to help with the leadership of the Grand Empire.' Some request! I'm sure the Senators were chosen very carefully. I have a suspicion that if you refuse, well, it won't be good for you or your planet.”
“There's no other way, is there?”
“No, I'm afraid not.”
“At least Alderaan will be represented in the Senate. You're such a good Senator, Bail.”
He looked at her fondly, then turned back to his work. Leia gurgled sleepily. Breha raised her to her face and kissed the baby's forehead.
A thought struck the queen. “Bail, won't the Jedi be able to help out the people?”
“I'm afraid not.” The tone of his voice was so forcefully angry. “The Jedi were slaughtered. The clones were under Palpatine's control the entire time. They were waiting for the signal to strike down their Jedi Generals.”
“What about the ones not fighting at the time?”
“Skywalker took care of that after he turned. He marched on the Temple, destroying the Jedi...the history of the Jedi...and the children.”
Breha's face changed in horror. She hugged Leia tight and kissed the top of her head. “If anyone deserved to die, it was him! The poor children. Some of them not older than a year old!”
“That is why Leia needs to be safe with us. To anyone who does not know what went on, meaning the people of Alderaan and all strangers, Leia was just born to us. We will caution those who know the truth to keep silent.” He reached over and stroked the sleeping baby's cheek.


  1. Like the chapter! :D Still praying for your dad!


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  4. Thank you, all!
    Rereading the chapter, I saw a lot of grammar mistakes/typos. :/ I should probably catch those next time. ;)


  5. Ahh, thats ok, Its a first draft right? Even so, if it isn't a final draft, it won't be totally perfect.
    But it still is amazing, grammar and typos included. :)


  6. I've been praying for you dad! Please keep me/us posted.
    Great chapter Padmé! So sad though.
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