Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Drama Class of Fall 2010

Drama class started exactly one week ago.  We have our same teacher back, whose name shall not be revealed. If any of you four DG (if you don't know what that means I'm going to have to reeducate you :P) can think of a suitable nickname for him, let me know! I will say that it's awesome having him, because he is so busy working down at the theater company we take lessons from that he only has time to teach one day a week; so the Intermediate and Teen Advanced classes get him. :D
It was AWESOME to get to see my friends again!..............Ratty was the only one from last year that I really cared about seeing again. We both missed Badger(Qui-Gon) and Alice the Washerwoman a lot! I know we both love you two a lot!
In class, we played the Prop Game. I really don't like that game. It's where you take a simple object (we used a TV remote) and you have to pretend it's something else. I pretended it was a snap bracelet and a drawer pull. Y'all can be proud of me in the fact that I did not pretend it was a lightsaber. :P
We were given monologues and we had five minutes to work on them. The three girls had one, the three guys had a different one. After time was up, our teacher decided to do something new, and he decided to have us perform one-on-one. The rest of us went into the hall, leaving Ratty alone.
Standing in the hall, waiting for our turn, was so nerve-wracking. We were just waiting to perform, but I don't think any of us has ever performed for our teacher with only him watching. We have been the only one performing, but we had the rest of the class watching us, too. I did start joking around (perhaps to make me feel normal again?) that perhaps this was an audtion for a part in one of the upcoming shows at the theater.
When it was my turn, I went in performed my monologue, trying to stick to my backstory. Unfortunately, he didn't see it come out in my performance. BUT! I wasn't the only one. We all had to work on getting it to show. I know this because even though no one else said so; this is how our teacher works. He pushes harder and harder.

by Harold Pinter

Here, Bridget wanders quietly through her parents' house on the night her father dies.

Once someone said to me-I think it was my mother or my father-anyway, they said to me-We've been invited to a party. You've been invited too. But you'll have to come by yourself, alone. You won't have to dress up. You just have to wait until the moon is down. (Pause) They told me where the party was. It was in a house at the end of a lane. But they told me the party wouldn't begin until the moon had gone down. (Pause) I got dressed in something old and I waited for the house. The moon was bright and quite still. (Pause) When I got to the house it was bathed in moonlight. The house, the glade, the lane, were all bathed in moonlight. But the inside of the house was dark and all the windows were dark. There was no sound. (Pause) I stood there in the moonlight and waited for the moon to go down.

My backstory is that Bridget didn't get along well with her parents, particullary with her father. I'm picturing her sitting in her parents' home, finally revealing things to her best friend, things she'd never told anyone.
To help me, I'm pretending I'm Bridget, and that my real best friend is sitting next to me.
We also had to look up and see who Sanford Meisner is. I'll post about him later. If you're really curious, you can go ahead and look him up.

On another note, my dad is having a shoulder biopsy today to check and see if he has cancer in his bone. We would all appreciate prayers that there is nothing in there to worry about.
Perhaps that's why, when I went to my room to go and get the monologue, I found all three of my siblings sleeping in my room. My sister was in her bed, my brother was on the floor in his sleeping bag, and my baby sister was sleeping in my bed. I have no more sheets tucked into my bed. :3 Oh well.

Till next time!
~Padmé Amidala Skywalker

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  1. AHHHHH DDDD: I can't believe I'm missing it!!!!!
    I think that for my backstory for that (pretending I'm in class here), I'd make it so that my character was completely insane and laughing about the whole thing, pretending very badly to act sad. And I'm speaking to myself during the monologue.
    I'm very good at playing insane or evil people...I don't know why. O-O;;;
    I miss you guys!!



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